Best of Youth Ministry 2007
When the editors at Youth Ministry Exchange decided to highlight the year's best, we asked for collaboration from our readers in the youth ministry trenches. It's our pleasure to present the best new book, innovation, worship song, and musician/group to be considered youth ministry's Best of 2007.

The Awestruck Apathy of Christmas
Somewhere between the heaps of wrapping paper, metallic bows, feather trees, holiday sales, and presents, we’ve lost it. We’ve lost our sense of awe at the miracle of Christmas.

Youth Ministry Exchange - December 24th: Sad Santa Countdown
A ten minute movie with 100 pictures of kids crying on Santa's lap. Free resource to use with your youth group or church.

Golden Compass Discussion Guide
We're giving you a set of discussion questions that are based on some of the tough issues raised by the movie The Golden Compass. Discuss the author's statements, and perceptions of Christianity with your youth group or small group.

There’s Something About Marko
Mark Oestreicher is a man who needs no introduction. Affectionately known as “Marko” to friends and youth workers everywhere, the president of Youth Specialties (YS) has a reputation that precedes itself.

Review: Become Who You Are by Mainstay
Depression, abandonment, pain, and faith in the midst of great loss are not topics that every band tackles. In Become Who You Are, Mainstay shows that they are not every band as they take on those heart-hitting topics and more in their sophomore release.

Embrace the Mess: Why Youth Must Lead Now
It felt like a mutiny. As an official youth group, we were still young – not yet two years old – and our teens were even younger spiritually. Most were new to the congregation and raw street kids without any prior church association. For a while, everything seemed to fall together seamlessly.

By the Bathroom Mirror: Teenage Girls & Identity
It’s an age old question passed from one generation of men to the next: Why do girls always need to go to the bathroom together? As I female, I can confidently answer that we do this just to annoy you. Well, that’s the not real reason. We really do it because we females are very relational

Boys to Men: Finding Masculine Identity in Today’s Culture
Little boys, we are told, are made of "snips and snails and puppy dog tails." However, no recipe exists to explain what makes a man, much less how to turn puppy dog tails into a big dog. Each year, boys enter junior high hoping to exit as young men. They search for manhood in band class, debate cl

Youth Ministry Exchange - Growing Up Fat: Identity Crisis
I’ve always been one to stand out in a crowd. Not because I’m beautiful or tall or loud or all that interesting, but because I’m fat. At times, I’ve been the widest person in the room. Of course now that I’ve lost 50 pounds and dropped two clothes sizes, there are generally a few other people who