Overcoming Frustrations in Ministry Begins with God’s Whisper
Is what I’m going to say bold? Maybe. I mean, I’m about to put my heart on a platter for everyone to see by admitting to something that many of us in ministry are afraid to verbalize. So here it goes…I’m frustrated with the condition of many youth ministries in churches today. There. I said it.


The True, the Good, the Beautiful—and Me
The Holy & the True We do what we value. We may say we value something, but our real values are revealed in the expression of our behaviors. The danger is that even in the pursuit of some noble value, the object you value can become a form of idolatry. If our values are that important, then we mu


Connecting with Fringe Kids
We’ve all seen them, the kids who come to youth group but hang around the edges. They don’t fit in, maybe even don’t try. These are usually kids seeking that love and acceptance that a relationship with our Lord and Savior can offer, yet they don’t feel loved and accepted by the group, so the chanc


In the World, Not of It
It seems to be an ever present question in the minds of youth and parents: What activities, music, movies, or television shows should we watch? Should we only do things that are explicitly Christian? Is it OK for us to sample things that are not sold at a Christian bookstore? Where do we draw the li


You Want Me To Do What?...the ministry of an interim youth pasto
I had served as a volunteer youth director of a church in New Jersey, was a volunteer for various youth events run by an internationally known ministry, and accepted invitations to speak at other church youth groups. I had several years of experience and thought I knew what a youth director/pastor/s


We Are Not Alone with Storyside: B
“Never,” jokes Lucio “Lu” Robino, the short Italian lead singer of StorySide: B. responding to the question of when the band is moving to Nashville. Who can blame him since during the interview Robino sat “looking out the window at the ocean” on a beautiful day in Florida? Since being released in 20


Freedom and Fundamentalism
My life has been lived in and around fundamentalism. It has shaped my identity as a Christian, a youth pastor and a pastor. I would like to lay out for you what I believe has been helpful and hurtful in Fundamentalism, generally as it relates to the movement, and particularly as it relates to me.


Virtual Reality = Virtual Community = Virtual Relationships
"[The use of technology] is especially important when it comes to the ultimate meaning of communion. Technology has created what we call virtual reality. It can give you a sense of intimacy. But whether it is real intimacy or not is quite another matter.


You Want Me to Do What? ... How Does Interim Youth Ministry Work
Let’s pick up where I had left off. I closed my last article with the following: Though I had a rough start, the days, months and years to follow have been a tremendous adventure. God has allowed me to see many successes as well as many failures. I have experienced deep joy as well as deep


About Interim Youth Ministries
Interim Youth Ministries, Inc. (IYM) exists to come "alongside" the church to train and equip youth leaders to run a Christ-centered youth ministry. The vision for IYM came over a period of several years. While in a ministry that provided youth programs containing evangelism, discipleship and leade