Review: Kingdom of Comfort by Delirious
Kingdom of Comfort raises the bar of what you expect from a Delirious? album, in spite of the band's award-winning, veteran status. The theme of this album is one of action and mission - clearly telling the listener that by reaching out to the poor and hungry you show God’s love to them.

You Matter Always
Warning: Obvious statement around the corner. At the heart of each of these encouraging You Matter essays is this, you matter. Not, you matter because... or you matter if... simply, you matter. More explicitly, YOU matter. You matter because God cares for you.

You Matter to Your Church
This note is a long time in coming to you, our youth worker. Perhaps over recent weeks, and in light of recent events you have asked yourself “Is it really worth it?” You need to know that yes, it is worth it. You need to know that you – personally – matter to this church.

Review: Addison Road
"Not another pop album." That's the attitude I had when the first notes of Addison Road played through my ear buds for this review. Something was different in that first listen to Addison Road - the band has a narrative of their own. Addison Road is for real.

Review: Roots Run Deep by Jadon Lavik
Let's get real honest with ourselves about music. Most youth workers love modern worship music. Go to any concert or conference and the youth pastors rock out and bounce around just as hard as the students. The problem with this is simple. It does not accurately reflect the musical style many of our

You Matter to Your Schools
Here's a thought that will blow your mind. The God of the Universe chose you to help him build the church in your town. Here's another thought to give you some perspective. The God of the Universe has an enemy, Satan, whose deepest desire is to distract, discourage, debilitate, and destroy you.

Youth Ministry Exchange - Review: Cadia
Powerful lyrics, memorable choruses and a musically tight sound populates Cadia's self-titled album. Through their music, the duo of Courtney Myers and Tori Smith, formerly known as ZoeGirl, calls out to a generation of young girls to be strong in their identity in Christ.

You Matter to Your Staff Team
You matter. Your staff, your co-laborers in ministry, needs and wants you to do your very best. You are a part of a body of believers that gets the honor and privilege of working together for the local church. Your ministry and staff position matter to your co-workers.

Review: Expect the Impossible by Stellar Kart
Some albums want listeners to do just that—listen. Other albums–good ones– invite listeners to become involved with the lyrics, the music, the melodies, and move their bodies to the rhythmic beats. Stellar Kart’s third album, Expect the Impossible, is like the latter.

Shane Claiborne: An Irresistibly Missional Revolution
Since the wild success of his book, The Irresistible Revolution, Shane Claiborne has become the poster child for missional living; however, Claiborne would humbly argue that he’s just following Jesus.