Leeland: Raising Up a Worship Generation
A best-selling album, a GRAMMY nod and several Dove Award nominations, a new marriage, and the Feb. 26 release of sophomore album, Opposite Way—that’s a lifetime of accomplishments for 19 year-old Leeland Mooring, frontman of the band, Leeland. Read this interview to get to know Leeland and the band


How Do You Respond When Someone Has Offended You?
Brian Ford helps youth workers, church leaders, and Christians everywhere with his practical advice on how to respond to being offended.


Review: Going All the Way by Craig Groeschel
This is how many books on marriage are marketed to the reader--the author takes the position as a expert guiding the reader through several easy steps to relational bliss. If the reader will merely submit to the author's successful plan, the reader's marriage and in turn, life will be much easier.


The Ignatian Examen
In the past few years there has been a huge resurgence of interest in ancient prayer practices. While these exercises never really went away, their emphasis on silence and listening seems to resonate deeply with the modern Christian


Review: For the Love of the Game by Pillar
Pillar’s fifth album For the Love of the Game shows an increase in spiritual maturity while maintaining the unique “rapcore” sound that has become associated with them. The band manages to go from hard rocking Christian fight anthems to intimate praise songs without losing any cohesive force between


Review: Passion: God of This City
Few record labels prove as useful to local ministry as Six Step Records. When they release their flagship live recordings from Passion conferences, worship leaders take notice. Why? Because they recognize that these will be the songs they will teach their churches for the year to come.


You Matter to Your Spouse
As you continue on this journey called marriage, you still matter to your spouse.  When you hurt, he or she hurts.  When someone attacks you, he or she is also attacked.


Book Review: "The Naked Truth about Sex, Love, and Relationships"

You Matter to Your Volunteers
Often times we volunteers forget how important you are to us. We forget how you not only lead and guide the students at our church, but you also lead and guide us.


Geocaching - The Thrill of the Hunt
You’re trekking through a wooded area on the outskirts of your local park, scanning the undergrowth for signs of the treasure. Your GPS tells you that you’re closing in, but you still don’t have a visual on the target. Then you spy it.