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b.b. caldwell b.h. clendennen baal babel babes babies baby baby boomers babylon babylonia back back to jerusalem back to life back to school back to the bible back-slidding background backslide backslider backsliding backstabbing bad bad boy bad company bad dreams bad experiences bad fruit bad habits bad king bad language bad news bad things baggage baghdad baker bakht singh balaam balak balance balance beam balanced living balancing bald bald head ballet balm balm in gilead band profile bands bangladesh bangor bank on jesus bankruptcy banner banquet baptism baptism by the holy spirit baptism of fire baptism of holiness baptism of suffering baptism of the holy spirit baptism of the spirit baptismal baptismal regeneration baptismal salvation baptist baptists baptize baptized baptizer baptizing barabbas barack obama barak barbara hughes barbara rainey bargain barimaeus barlow girl barn barnabas barns barren barrier bartholomew bartimaeus bartimeus baseball basic apologetics basic vision basics of christianity basil the great basilea schlink basis basket basketball bathsheba battle battle of jericho battlefield battles be anxious be anxious for nothing be at peace be careful be clean be content be encouraged be filled be fruitful be fruitful and multiply be holy be holy as i am holy be holy for i am holy be joyful always be kind be not afraid be of good cheer be of good courage be perfect be prepared be ready be saved be still be still and know be still and know i am god be still and know that i am god be strong be strong and courageous be strong in the lord be thankful be thou my vision be transformed be with you be ye holy beach beam bear bear burdens bear fruit bear one another's burdens bearable beard beards bearing with one another in love bears beast beasts beasts of the souther wild beat beat my body beaten beatitudes beautiful beautiful feet beautiful things happen when a woman trusts god beauty beauty for ashes beauty of broken beauty of creation became a christian became sin became sin for us because i live because you are young become all things become one become who you are becoming a good samaritan becoming god's true woman bed bede bedouins of jordan bedside blessings bedtime bee beelzebub been thinking about beer bees before before the foundation before you were born began a good work begat beggar begger begging bread begin beginner's bible deluxe edition beginning beginning of wisdom beginning with jesus beginnings begotten behavior behaviour beheaded behemoth behind behind and before behold behold the lamb of god beijing being being "good enough" being a man being aware being busy being filled being like jesus being obedient being saved being thankful belief beliefs believable believe believe in your heart believed believer believers believers husband believes believing believing faith believing people believing remnant bella belly belly of bronze belly of the fish belong belonging belongs beloved beloved son bemidbar ben carson ben crandell benard fell benedict of nursia benedictine rule benediction beneficial benefit benefits bengali benjamin berbers berea berean bereans berlin wall bernard gui bernard of clairvaux beset beslan best best buy best-selling spiritual gifts inventory beth moore bethany bethany pierce bethel bethesda bethlehem bethsaida betray betrayal betrayed betsy childs better better is one day better than life better to give betting betty boop betty huizenga beware beyond bhutan bias bible bible 101 bible and creation bible answers bible articles bible as literature bible audio bible college bible concordance bible curriculum bible dictionary bible distribution bible donation bible du semeur bible facts bible for children bible games bible gateway bible guide bible guides bible history bible illiteracy bible impact bible in a year bible institute bible interpretation bible is accurate bible is true bible keyword search bible knowledge bible literacy bible memorization bible message bible 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blackberry blame blameless blandina blaspheme blasphemy bleeding blemish blended worship bless bless curse bless the lord bless you bless you and keep you blessed blessed are blessed are the meek blessed are the poor blessed are the... blessed are those blessed be the name of the lord blessed hope blessed is he blessed is the man blessed lord blessed virgin mary blessing blessings blg blind blind bartimeus blind beggar blind but now i see blind faith blind man blind man sees blind see blind spot blinded blindness blink blog blog post blogger blogging blogosphere blogs blood blood covenant blood of christ blood of christ! blood of jesus blood of the lamb bloom blossom blot blue blueprint boast boasting boat boaz bob beers bob bruton bob clark bob demoss bob doom bob hoekstra bob jennings bob jones iii bob jones sr. bob lepine bob phillips bob russell bob vernon bod4god bodies body body image body is a temple body of christ boethius bohemia bold boldly boldness bollywood bombshell bond bondage bondage of the will bondage to sin bonding bondservant bone bones boniface viii book book club book discussion book guide book of 1 john book of acts book of job book of john book of life book of love book of mormon book of revelation book of the twelve book review book reviews book series book study booklet bookmark bookmarking bookmarks books books and resources books of the bible books of the law books of the new testament boost boredom boring born born again born blind born in god born in sin born into sin born of born of a virgin born that way borrow borrower bosom boss bossy bottle bought bought price bought with a price bound boundaries boundary bounds bow bow down bowl boyfriend boyfriends boys boys evangelism bradley nassif brain brainstorm branch branches branching out brand branded for christ brass brave bravery brazil brazilian bible bread bread alone bread of life break break bread break free breaking breaking bread breaking free breaking gods law breaking the law breaking up breakthrough breast breast cancer breastplate breastplate of righteousness breath breath in his nostrils breath of life breathe breathed brethren brian brodersen brian chesemore brian considine brian green bribe bride bride of christ bride price bridegroom bridge bridge illustration bridge strategy bridgegroom bridging brief brightness after rain bring sight to the blind brit nicole britain british empire british isles broad road broadcast brochureware broke broke bread broken broken and contrite broken family broken heart broken hearted broken homes broken relationships broken spirit broken-hearted brokeness brokenhearted brokenness bronze bronze serpent bronze snake brood of vipers brooklyn tabernacle brother brother against brother brother andrew brother of jesus brother sins brother yun brother's keeper brotherhood brotherly love brothers brothers and sisters browse resumes from christians browser bruce almighty bruce malone bruce ware bruce wilkinson bruise bruise his heel bruised bruised reed brunch bryant wright bucket list bud elford bud robinson buddha buddhism buddhist buddhists budget buenas noticias buenas nuevas buffet build build each other up build house build my church build up builder builders rejected building building 429 building and remodeling building family ties with faith love and laughter building up built bulgaria bulgarian bulimia bulk bibles bulletin bulletinboard bullock bumps bundle of myrrh bunker bunny copter bunny wilson bunyan burden burden is light burdened burdenless burdens burial burial cloth burial of jesus buried buried idols burma burn burn-out burned burning burning bush burning coals burning heart burning out burnout burnt offering burnt offerings burnt out burroughs bury bury the dead bush business business and finance business as mission business card busy busybodies busyness but god but to serve butler button buy by faith by grace by grace through faith by his stripes by his stripes we are healed by his wounds by his wounds we are healed by my spirit by our love by their fruit by their fruits by your love byron paulus byzantium
“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.”
- 1 Corinthians 13:4-5
Today's passage is from the New International Version of the Bible
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