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r.c. sproul r.e. carroll r.g. flexon r.g. lee rabbi rabbit raca race rachael rachel rachel barkey racial racial reconciliation racism radiance radiant radiation radio radio bible class radio coverage of christian athletes radio station radioactive dating radioisotope dating radiometric dating rafael manzaneras rage rags rahab rain rainbow raise raise a child raise children raise from the dead raise him up at the last day raise up raise up a child raised raised dead raised from the dead raised to life raising children raising teens raising your kids to love the lord ralph ovadal ralph sexton ralph sutera ralph vaughn williams ram ramabai randall easter randall stewart random random chance randy alcorn randy amos randy krahn rank ranking ransom ransom for many rap rape rapture ratatouille rational rational evidence for god's existence rationalization rationalize rationalizing raven ravi zacharias ray comfort ray lowe ray pritchard ray stedman raynaldus rbc ministries re commitment reach reach children for god reaching reaching muslims reaching out reaching out to your neighborhood reaching teens reaching the lost reaction reactions read read bible stories read the bible readability reading reading bible reading plan reading schedule reading scripture reading the bible ready real real believer real christian real marriage real-life dilemmas realities reality reality of hell reality show reap reap generously reap sow reap what you sow reaping rear guard reason reason together reasonable service reasons reasons to not support insider movements rebecca barns rebekah rebel rebellion rebellious rebellious nation rebirth reborn rebuild rebuilding rebuke rebuke a wicked man rebuking receive received receives christ receives you receives me receiving christ recession recidivism recieved the gifts recipe recipes reckless reckoning recognition recognize recolonization theory recommend recommended recommended links recommended reading recompense reconcilation reconcile reconciled reconciliation record record of sins recording recovering recovery recovery groups recovery ministry recruiting red red light district red sea redcliffe college redeem redeem the time redeem time redeemed redeemed sin redeemer redeemer lives redeeming the time redemption redemptive redemptive analogy reducing poverty reducing the risk reed reference refine refined refinement refiner refiner's fire refining refining fire reflect reflection reform reformation reformation church reformation era reformed reformed beliefs reformed church reformed curriculum reformed faith reformed perspective reformed presbyterian faith reformed resources reformed worldview reformers refresh refreshed refreshing refreshment refuge refugee refuse reg kelly regeneration reginald cranston register regret regrets regulations rehoboam reign reimagine reincarnation reject reject jesus rejected rejecting rejection rejoice rejoice always rejoice and be glad rejoice in the lord rejoice in the lord always rejoicing rejuventation rekindle relate relate to people related relating relating to god relating to jesus relating to people relational relationnships relationship relationship books relationship with god relationships relativism relax release releasing the power of praise relevant evangelism relevant purpose reliability of the bible reliable reliance relics relief relief and development relief organizations relief work relient k religion religion is cultural religions religious religious excitement religious leaders religious life religious marriages religious people religious tradition relinquish rely rely on god's love remain remain in christ remain in me remarriage remedy remember remember me remember no more remember you remembered remembrance remind reminder remission remission of sin remnant remove renaissance renaissance era render render unto ceasar renew mind renew strength renew their strength renewal renewal of the mind renewal of your strength renewed renewing renewing of your mind repair repay repent repent and be saved repent from sin repentance repentant sinner repented repenting replacement theology replay replaying your performance report reporting reports represent representative representing christ reprint reproach reprobate reprobation reproducing reproof reprove republic of heaven republish repudiation reputation request requests require required rescue rescued rescuer rescuer jesus rescuers rescuing research research and application research products resentment reserved reserves reservoir residential programs resignation resilient resist resist the devil resistance resisting resisting temptation resolution resolutions resolutions for the new year resource resource centers resources resources for church planting resources for missionaries respect respect authority respect for the elderly respecter of persons respond responder response responsibilities responsibility responsible responsiblity rest rest in the lord rest of the story restless restlessness restoration restore restore the years restore to health restored restores results resume resume writing resumes resurrect resurrection resurrection and life resurrection and the life resurrection of christ resurrection of jesus resurrection of the dead resurrection power retain retaliation retire retired retirees retirement retiring retreat retreat center retreats return return of christ return of jesus return to me return void returned reuben reuben archer torrey reuel reunite rev. david bast reveal revealed revelation revelation 21 revelation 22:8-9 revelation from god revelations reveled in these last times revenge reverence reverend reverend fun revfun revial review reviewers reviews revise revision revival revival audio revival conference 2007 revival definition revival discussions revival experiences revival forum 89 revival history revival hymn revival prayer meeting revival praying revival resources revival sermons revivalism revivals revive revive my heart revive our heart revive our hearts revive the heart revive your hearts revolution revolutionaries reward reward in heaven rewarder rewards rewiring rib rice broocks rich rich man rich man entering the kingdom of heaven rich ruler rich young man rich young ruler richard baxter richard bennett richard burson richard dawkins richard owen roberts richard p. belcher richard sipley richard stearns richard stearns and reneƩ stearns richard v. pierard richard wurmbrand riches riches in glory rick bovey rick hagans rick leibee rick seasoms rick tocquigny rick warren riddle riding on a donkey right right and left right and wrong right answer right brain right eye right from the heart right hand right hand of god right-brain righteous righteous forsaken righteous judge righteous lie righteous man righteous right hand righteousness righteousness of god rightly dividing rights rigid rigidity ring rise rise again rise out of israel rise up risen risen christ risen lord risk risk management risk taking risks rite ritual rivalry river river jordan river of life rivers rivers of living water road road to damascus road to emmaus roaring lion roasted pork rob rob bell rob raines robbers robe robert arthur robert b. thompson robert browne robert constable robert crawford robert f. adcock robert murray mccheyne robert southwell rock rock groups rocket summer rocks rocks praise rod roe vs. wade roger ellsworth role role model roles rolfe barnard rolland hein rolling stone roman catholic roman catholic monk roman catholicism roman conquest roman empire roman religion roman road romance romance novels romania romanian romans romans 11:33-36 romans 5 romans 5:8 romans 6 romans 6:11 romans 7:4 romans 8:29 romans bible study rome ron bailey ron hutchcraft ron hutchcraft ministries ron ritchie roof rooftop room rooster root root of all evil root of bitterness root of jesse rooted roots rope rose rose again rose from the dead rose of sharon rotten fruit rough routine roy daniel roy hession roy lloyd roy pointer royal royal priesthood rss rss feed rubbish rubies rude ruins rule rule of law rulers rules rumors run run the race runaway runaway emotions running running away running the race rural rural churches rural community church rural ministry rural missions rural pastors rush of fools russell kelfer russell moore russia russian russian orthodox rust rut ruth rwanda rzim