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Gregory the Great (ca. 540 – 604) : Christian History Institute
Pope Gregory the Great says that anyone who takes the title "Ecumenical Priest" (or Universal Priest) anticipates the antichrist.


Deceiver in the Bible - a Christian perspective
John writes that there are many deceivers out in the world who are denying Christ. He says that all of them are the antichrist.


Antichrist: 1 John 2:18
John warns us that as we're in the last hour that many Antichrists will come. These Antichrists will come to try to distract, mislead and destroy us.


Marilyn Manson: The Outcast Appeal
Although there are rock groups in the past and present that used satanic lyrics and symbols, none have seemed to have actually created a cult following among teenagers and young people as has Marilyn Manson. Named Best New Artist of 1996 by Rolling Stone magazine, Manson’s third album...


Andrew Bonar : Development of Antichrist - Preface
The principle of interpreting the prophetic portions of Holy Scripture as literally as the historical is recognized throughout the following pages, and it is upon this ground alone that the writer builds his hope of escaping a charge of presumption in submitting them for consideration...