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Is there such a thing as the Age of Accountability?
The idea behind the age of accountability is that before a certain age a child is not responsible for their actions. If they die before reaching the age of accountability, they are saved. After that, they are responsible for their own salvation. What do you think?

Climate Control - #5940
You're a leader. You're setting a climate, whether you realize it or not. And the interesting thing is that you end up reaping the climate you sow. So make the place where you are feel like it would if Jesus were there. He is.

Age of accountability - a Christian perspective
The Bible never gives an explicit indication that there is such a thing as the age of accountability--the age at which a child is responsible for their faith; however, we're given indications throughout that God has a plan and a purpose for every child. It seems cruel and not in keeping with God's especial declarations concerning children to think that just because a child died before personally professing their faith they would be condemned.

Raise Children - a Christian perspective
God tells us that while we are raising our children we should constantly remind them of the commandments He has given us. We should make it part of all aspects of our lives.

Jesus and children - a Christian perspective
In Matthew, children are brought up to Jesus in order to be prayed over. The disciples try to rebuke those that are bringing the children before Jesus. Jesus then rebukes the disciples and says that the kingdom of God belongs to the children.

Great love in the Bible - a Christian perspective
God loves us with the same intensity and devotion that a father shows to his children. In fact, God invites us to become part of His family, and to be His spiritual children.

Fathers in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Just as children are expected to respect their fathers, fathers are instructed not to frustrate their children, but to raise them in a godly and gentle way.

It's A Too Small World - #2530
When you invite Jesus into your life, it's this Jesus you get! He wants you to be like Him, self-forgetful, not self-focused. A world that's only as big as you are is too small a world to live in. Jesus invites you to break out, to start finding the needs around you and doing something about them. To focus on others instead of yourself, to find your life by giving it away, not to lose your life by hanging onto it.

The Winter of Their Leaving, The Spring of Their Return - #2398
Maybe it seems hopeless right now, but don't underestimate the power of Savior to bring stray children home. Believe Jesus for the day when He will in a sense give you back that child that you prayed for so long. In the meantime, let the father and the prodigal son be your example.

"Train up a child" in the BIble: Proverbs 22:6
It's widely understood that your upbringing, whether it was kind or cruel, has a major influence on your attitudes and behaviors even once you've entered adulthood. Here the Bible confirms this, and exhorts parents to raise their kids in a godly manner so that they'll continue along that path as they grow.