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Today's devotional: encourage somebody today!
There's nothing quite so uplifting as receiving an unexpected compliment or a kind word in the...

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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Where Trust Is Born
Maybe you've been betrayed, abused, abandoned, or deeply hurt by people you should have been able to trust and it's hard for you to trust anyone. You've been hurt too often. That's Gal's story, too.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Increasing Your Bench Press - #8136
... that may explain the heavy load that you’re having to lift right now. It’s all about increasing your bench press. Here’s God’s strength program for His players. It says, “Blessed are those whose strength is in You. They go from strength to strength ‘til each appears before God” (Psalm 84:5, 7). How does God build you to a spiritual champion?

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - A Life They'll Never Forget - #8129
I’ll tell you, more than any trophy or championship, that is a lasting legacy of a life that matters. I wonder how many people would say that about me; about you: “He or she made me feel important.” Making people feel important isn’t just some pop psychology. It’s seeing a person as God sees them and then helping them see themselves as God sees them.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Wounded But Still Fighting - #8118
Now if that man can keep soldiering when he’s lost his sight, what was that I was complaining about? What do I let get me down?

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Brotherness - #5659
Now that is the heart of real manhood: protecting a woman from being hurt, from being used, from being exploited, from being devalued - especially by you. There is a critical shortage of that kind of manhood. The man who steps up to this kind of brotherness is a rare treasure, and like anything rare, he is very valuable.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Wired For Greatness - #8099
I’m realizing that a lot of us ‘Jesus followers’ have a little of Hancock in us; the divine capability to make a much greater difference with our life than we are making and to leave a legacy of a life that matters.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Hurting and Helpless - #8105
I got to thinking of times when I’ve been hurting and it was getting darker and I couldn’t help myself and a life that matters seemed like mission impossible. All I could do was yell, “Help!” and without exception God has come when I did.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Unforgettable You - #5650
The Son of God knew you had forgotten Him. We all have. We've lived most of our life with our back turned to our Creator, doing what we wanted instead of what He wanted. And He knew that, unless He intervened, you would be separated from Him for all eternity. That's the built-in penalty for our sin. But Jesus loves you so much that He left heaven to go to a cross where He took your hell.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Cost of Compromise - #8085
See, temptation never tells you where the first compromise is going to ultimately take you. Moral explosions and marital explosions and integrity explosions usually start with just a small compromise…

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Surprise in the Storm - #8087
The storm that looked like it was going to destroy them actually made them stronger.” Oh wait. That’s not just trees—that’s us. The Bible says, “We rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us” (Romans 5:3-5).