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Today's devotional: encourage somebody today!
There's nothing quite so uplifting as receiving an unexpected compliment or a kind word in the...

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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Bumpy Road to a Beautiful Destination - #4361
Actually, you may be navigating a very bumpy road in your life right now, and you're not enjoying this process much at all. And as you're having to really slow down and to absorb the shocks, it's tempting to turn back, isn't it? But God wants to remind you today of something it is easy to forget when the road is rough: there's something beautiful -- something worth it -- at the end of this difficult journey.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - I'll Watch Your Back - #4362
Now, it's good to know there's someone watching your back when there may be a lion ready to pounce on you. And we live in a world where people pounce on other people all the time. That's why we need today's word for today from that great chapter, 1 Corinthians 13, beginning at verse 5.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Flying Through The Dead Zone - #4386
Now you may never fly an airplane, but you probably know about navigating life's dead zones - those times when it seems as if heaven is silent, answers just aren't coming, no one seems to understand, and your feelings are either blah or they're all over the map. It's a lonely season. Maybe it's what you're flying through right now in your life journey.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Big Game And The Big Letdown - #4391
It doesn't just happen in sports - it's happened to most of us who are trying to follow Jesus Christ. Take the prophet Elijah, for example. For him, the Big Game was at a place called Mt. Carmel where he challenged 450 false prophets of Baal to the ultimate showdown - whose God would send fire from heaven to consume the sacrifice on the altar?

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Standing Strong, In Spite Of The Storm - #4397
The creed of the guards of the Unknown Soldier commits them to maintain their vigil for America's honored dead, no matter what the storm. And even with permission to avoid the ravages of the storm, they refused to leave their post. It's the kind of loyalty and dedication that should characterize anyone trusted with an assignment by Jesus Christ - who deserves the highest honor for the death He died for us and His victory over death on Easter Morning.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Whatever it Takes to Save a Life - #4620
There are no limits to His saving love, no limits to His saving power, no limits to His creativity and persistence in reaching them where they are. The question may be: how far are you willing to go to rescue them? What's God waiting for you to do to be part of the answer to your own prayers? Please do whatever He asks you to do - whatever that takes, whatever that costs - to assist in the rescue.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Seeing What Isn't Working - #4202
Our grandson basically ignored the lights that were working - all he could see were the ones that weren't working. Sadly, there are grownup people who live most of their lives that way - they look right past the things that are working and choose to focus on the things that aren't working. So they're often frustrated, discontent, unhappy, critical. And when we're like that, I guess we become "negatologists" - people who major on the negative.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Paralyzing Predicaments - #4203
Even though that horse was scared, she was smart enough to let someone help her. Sadly, she was smarter than many of us when we're hurting or in a predicament. Maybe you're struggling with something right now, but you're struggling alone. You're not letting anyone else in to help you - and you're stuck in your problem. Like that horse, you may not be able to move on unless and until you open up to some help.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Premature Funerals - #4689
Don't decide the game is lost because your team is losing at halftime. If you think it's over, you may actually contribute to their continued wandering by resorting to nagging that will only drive them farther away, by compromise and accepting what can never been acceptable before God. By slowly giving up on your prayer of faith for them, or by just withdrawing from them when your unconditional love may be their best hope.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Grabbing Opportunities - #4694
When someone shares a burden or a concern with you, don't just promise to pray for them. Ask if you can pray with them right there. Chances are they have never heard their name in a prayer in their life! I've never had anyone turn down that offer. And if God opens the door, tell them after you pray that you weren't always able to talk to God like that because there was a wall between you and Him - that Jesus took down. Look for opportunities to share your personal hope story - the story of the difference Jesus has made for you in a particular need or life situation.