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There's nothing quite so uplifting as receiving an unexpected compliment or a kind word in the...

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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Starting Over - #8090
Now most of us would not go to those kind of extremes, but some of us do know the feeling of wishing we could start over, get that fresh start, move from a life that’s unfulfilling to a life that matters. Millions of us have discovered where new beginnings can be found.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Baggage Wars - #8091
It is sad how many of us actually live that way. You know, watching the same old baggage of our life going around and around again. We keep replaying the hurts and the pain and we keep ourselves from the hope that inspires a life that matters. And we just keep feeding our resentment and our anger and our depression, our dark side, and that only hurts us.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - What You Bring in the Door - #5644
In many ways you set a tone when you walk in the door and you'll probably have to live with that tone for hours to come. After a stressful day it's just human nature to walk in with a pretty self-focused mind set, carrying the garbage of the day, which we then proceed to dump all over our loved ones! But, wouldn't you like to put your name in our word for today? "________ returned home to bless his or her family."

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Beautiful Side of a Brutal Storm - #4470
When a storm hits your family, it will probably not leave you the same. It will either drive you and your spouse, you and your children, closer together or farther apart. Again, it all depends, not on the storm, but on how you respond to the storm. Do it right and you and your loved ones will come out closer than you have ever been before.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - A Human Harbor - #4474
Will you be the Barnabas for the people around you? While the world is going crazy and the bullets are flying, be the one who makes each person feel like they're the only person in the world when they're with you. You can be an island of sanity in an insane world just by giving each person your total focus; your undistracted listening.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - How to Carry the People You Need to Carry - #4447
Our oldest grandson learned something that day in the woods - "I can carry my brother - with help from above." So can you. It may be that at this time in your life you've been assigned by God to carry someone who cannot make it on their own. Maybe you've got more than one person to carry - even a bunch of people.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - You Win - I Win - #4545
Your friends need someone that is unselfish in a world that's "all about me" - someone who is shouting, "You're a winner! Let me help you win!" Your children need for you to be their cheerleader, praising them often for what they do right. At work, at school, at church - will you be the one who pushes other people to the front?

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Defying the Vultures - #4435
You may be in a situation where you're pretty battered right now - physically, emotionally, spiritually, maybe financially, romantically. You're tired, depleted, maybe it looks like you're without hope, sort of like you're dead. Maybe you've even got some vultures circling you, telling you it's over. It's time to defy the vultures!

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Tougher Than The Tornado - #4324
There are moments for all of us when we get hit head-on with the emotional equivalent of an F5 tornado. There are some of life's hits that threaten to blow away everything we've depended on. A divorce can do that, a disease can do that, a disaster or a disappointment. A death can sure send everything spinning. We know that most of what matters to us is something we can lose - and if and when we do, there is sometimes not much left but the pieces.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Courage for the Unknown - #4351
It's amazing the difference your Father's hand can make when you're walking into the unknown - which is exactly where God may be leading you now. You've sensed His leading, and He's leading you out of the "tent" of your comfort zone, out of the light of the familiar and the safe, and He's leading you into some new territory for your family, your security, maybe for your career, your location, maybe your ministry. And the trail ahead is full of questions - maybe even bears.