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The "Jesus Tomb" controversy, one year later: was it a hoax?
Last Spring, the Discovery Channel aired a widely-viewed, sensational documentary suggesting that...

Friday and Sunday
One of the more debated events in history is the death and resurrection of Jesus. You can find...

Palm Sunday and the irony of Easter
Easter is a holiday marked by irony and paradox. During Easter week, we celebrate life attained...

Maundy Thursday and the long road to Easter
Thursday. Four days after excited crowds welcomed Jesus to Jerusalem. One day before the horror...

Were Jesus' miracles real, or just myths?
Turning water to wine... walking on water... healing the sick and raising the dead. All are...

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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Thunder and Lightning In Your Hands - #8233 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
As I was reading the Bible, I couldn’t help but think about that “thunder and lightning” confidence that my little guy has, because of weapons I have that can overcome even the darkest spiritual forces.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - The Magnet Inside You - #8232 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
I couldn't resist buying these two little stuffed bears for my wife for Valentine's Day. You hit the on button and they are drawn to each other with puckered lips and they kiss. Now, there’s a reason they can’t help being attracted to each other; they’ve got magnets inside. So do you. ... I’m Ron Hutchcraft, and if you have an active relationship with Jesus Christ, you have a magnet inside you, whether you realize it or not.

Sweat in the Bible - a Christian perspective
As his betrayal and execution approached, Jesus knew what was in store for him. He prayed so intently that his sweat beaded up like drops of blood.

Cherish in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Jesus' love for his church is compared to our love for our own bodies. We take good care of our bodies; Jesus takes good care of his church, which is in a sense his "body" on earth.

I and my Father are one - a Christian perspective
In one of the most clear statements of his divinity, Jesus claims in this passage that he is one with God the Father.

Great high priest - a Christian perspective
Jesus is sometimes described as the culmination of the long line of priests who served God and Israel throughout the centuries. Christ is the ultimate high priest, who atones for our sins and makes it possible for us to approach God.

Conception in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The conception of Jesus was a miracle in itself: Jesus was conceived in Mary's womb by God. The virgin birth is one of the signs that points to Jesus' divinity, and is a familiar element of Christmas stories to this day.

Name above all names - a Christian perspective
Jesus is not just a good person; he is himself God. This verse makes it clear that there is nothing in creation greater than Jesus Christ.

Son of David in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In Matthew, two blind men call Jesus the Son of David. Calling him the Son of David was akin to calling him the rightful heir to the throne of Israel.

Gethsemane in the Bible: Matthew 26:36-46
As the hour of his death drew nearer, Jesus went with his disciples to pray in the garden of Gethsemane. It is here that Jesus rebuked his disciples for not being able to stay awake in prayer--and it is here that Jesus' betrayer arrived with soldiers to arrest him.