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Escaping the "Westernization" of the Gospel
Much of the culture and theology of modern Christianity has been shaped heavily by Western...

The Gospel at work in the Global South
The latest issue of Lausanne World Pulse is online! The focus of this issue is the "Global...

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LWP - University Student Mission with Slum Communities: Reflections After-the-Fact
The author reflects on how one trip to the garbage village in Cairo transformed lives, including his own

LWP - Introduction to Short-term Student Ministries with Slum Communities
This month, thousands of university students from the Global North will move into urban slum communities in the Global South to live alongside the poor.

LWP - “Sent to Preach the Gospel”: Christians for Biblical Equality 2008 Conference
CBE conference focuses on the issue of gender and missions, particularly on the challenges Christian men and women face as they work together on mission fields around the world.

LWP- Retiring into Uncertainty
Unfortunately, the days of lifelong support from churches and individuals are quickly vanishing, and missionaries need to prepare for that reality.

LWP - Are Rites of Passage Out of Step? A Kenyan Christian Perspective
Rites of passage, designed to suit the times and context, provide opportunities for the local church to capture vibrant Christian community.

LWP - The Generations Project: Equipping Young Women to Serve and Lead
The Generations Project is calling young people not only to establish righteousness in their nations by serving in places of influence, but to take on problems in their communities.

LWP - Encouragement: Our Gift to the Next Generation
The author offers five practical ways to encourage others, especially the next generation of leaders.

LWP - Mission among Young People in “Secular” Europe
If we are to reach Europe’s youth, we need to cultivate and encourage "missional imagination" in leaders.

LWP - Leading, Connecting with the Next Generation by Understanding Generational Differenc
Generational theory suggests we seek to see the world through the eyes of other people

LWP- The Next Generation: Leadership and Communicating the Gospel
World evangelization requires the cooperative efforts across generations