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Escaping the "Westernization" of the Gospel
Much of the culture and theology of modern Christianity has been shaped heavily by Western...

The Gospel at work in the Global South
The latest issue of Lausanne World Pulse is online! The focus of this issue is the "Global...

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Lausanne World Pulse - Building a Solid Theological Foundation for Mission Policy
Four areas in which the Lausanne Covenant exerted self-criticism and which are still points that individuals and organizations developing mission policies and shaping missionary practice would do well to pay attention to today.

Lausanne World Pulse -Determining "As" in Building a Solid Foundation for Mission
Understanding the mission of God requires a deep knowledge of the entirety of scripture.

Lausanne World Pulse - Evangelisation via Satellite: An Initiative Moves Forward
It is amazing to see what God has done at the turn of the millennium using modern satellite technology both in Germany and throughout Europe.

Lausanne World Pulse - Ethnê 06 . . . Launching A Global Prayer and Strategy Initiative
Ethnê06 is a global gathering of people, churches and organizations focused on ministering to Unreached People Groups (UPGs).

Lausanne World Pulse - How Do We Grow Our Churches?
Research shows that several factors go hand-in-hand with church growth

Lausanne World Pulse - Into Their World….The Hijazi of Saudi Arabia
Less than one percent of the nearly seventeen million Hijazi Arabs in Saudi Arabia have accepted Christ.

Lausanne World Pulse - Ten Suggestions for Short-term Mission Workers
1. Do not put anything before God....Go as a servant to the local workers.

Lausanne World Pulse - New President Leads AIMS into a New Era
Daniel O. Crosby is the new president of Accelerating International Mission Strategies.

Lausanne World Pulse - International Bible Society: The Bible and HIV/AIDS
The International Bible Society (IBS) is using the life-changing power of scripture in the battle against the deadly HIV/AIDS virus.

Lausanne World Pulse -Hopegivers Urges Christians to Establish Individual "Prayer Night"
Officials with Hopegivers International are calling on Christians to establish a monthly night of prayer for the persecuted Church.