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Much of the culture and theology of modern Christianity has been shaped heavily by Western...

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Lausanne World Pulse - Commissioner Clifton Elected Eighteent General of Salvation Army
Commissioner Clifton will become head of the Salvation Army, with 1.5 million members in 111 countries. The Salvation Army is also known as one of the largest providers of social welfare in the world

Lausanne World Pulse - Eight Weeks to Change Your Life
An interview with Melissa, a short-term missionary with Latin America Mission.

Lausanne World Pulse - The Future of Short-Term Missions
Ten overarching trends in short-term missions

Lausanne World Pulse - Developing Relationships in Short-term Missions
Relationships are crucial to short-term missions, but relationships come at a cost

Lausanne World Pulse - Urbana and Short-term Missions
Urbana's impact through short-term missions

Lausanne World Pulse - Fellowship of Short-term Mission Leaders
A report on the October 2005 Fellowship of Short-term Mission leaders gathering

Lausanne World Pulse - The Springboard of Short-term Missions
Short-term missions can lead to a lifetime of ministry.

Lausanne World Pulse - Short-term Missions…How Things Have Changed!
Integrity and excellence in short-term missions

Lausanne World Pulse - The Talking Bible and Short-term Missions Projects
Short-term mission teams around the world are using the Talking Bibles to minister to those they are serving

Lausanne World Pulse - Bonding through Short-term Mission: A Lifeline to the Unreached.
Short-term mission has missed the point of the Great Commission