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God and politics: starting the conversation
If you've seen the homepage this week, you know that our focus this week is on God and...

James Watkins: treating heavy topics with a light touch
Is it possible to have a discussion about serious moral and political topics without it devolving...

Election, Election and a Few Thoughts
Election. Could there be a more contentious word for the American follower of Christ? There...

Go forth and vote: thoughts on Election 2008
It's here at last—election day, the culmination of years of campaigning and political...

The Manhattan Declaration
Co-written by Chuck Colson, The Manhattan Declaration is an attempt for some evangelical,...

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The Day After the "Votequake" - #6738
In this election season when we'll be hearing a lot of people being defined by their label, I want to see what God sees, don't you? Saved and Lost. I want to love those people like He does, because it breaks His heart. It should break my heart to see them lost.

The Right Choice This Election
My bottom line - there's no issue worth losing an eternal soul for. So I'm going to stick to Jesus. Because when God looks at this world, He doesn't see Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives. He sees only two groups of people. Saved. And lost.

Life issues raised by The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher movie
We've seen a crop of good movies already this year – Hugo, Warhorse, The Artist, and The Iron Lady. Culturewatch team Damaris has produced a range of discussion materials about life issues (not political issues) raised by The Iron Lady film

Speaking with grace and gentleness… about politics?
Does the way you talk about politics reflect the grace, patience, and humility of Jesus Christ?

Should Christians Support the Death Penalty?
Capital punishment is considered only in the most extreme of cases, and even then, it’s rarely used. Despite its infrequent use, is the death penalty something Christians should support?

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Change You Can Belive In - #9181 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
I’m Ron Hutchcraft, and long before any Presidential election–for 2,000 years–it is that promise that has attracted millions of people to follow Jesus Christ–change you can believe in.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Undecided Voters - #8133
Now, this may sound strange, but God has a lot of undecided voters and you may be one of them. See, God’s already voted on where He wants you to spend eternity. He voted on Skull Hill where His only Son went to a cross and allowed Himself to be crucified there to absorb our penalty for our sin. Now that’s God’s vote. In spite of my hijacking my life from Him, He wants me in heaven with Him.

The Character of Citizenship - Into Thy Word Ministries
Citizenship is our social conscientiousness in action for the management and tempering of our personal freedoms and liberties on behalf of the greater good of civil peace and prosperity. It is defined as being a good citizen by being a good Christian in...

Character of Patriotism - Into Thy Word Ministries
The Character of Patriotism is defined as the loyalty and honor of one’s nationality. Patriotism, as a character, is the unconditional love for one’s native country or country of residence. It is demonstrated as an industrious involvement through allegiance

What does the term "evangelical" mean in Christendom today?
A brief description of what the word "evangelical" means in our modern times.