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The Prayerful Disciple
I think we've all had questions about prayer: when should I do it, what's appropriate, what...

An Introduction to Prayer
Prayer is communicating with God. Simple, right? However, we all know it's not that simple....

How do you pray effectively? More on the basics of prayer
Yesterday we pointed out several good articles about prayer. Here's a few more worth checking...

Looking for Someone to Pray For?
One cool thing about the community is the chance to pray for one another. Whether...

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Praying - a Christian perspective
God values prayer--in fact, He values it more than empty sacrifices or religious activities.

In my name - a Christian perspective
God not only tolerates, but welcomes our prayer requests. Jesus states that we can ask for anything in his name, and expect that our request will be heard.

Vain - a Christian perspective
God doesn't assign value to prayers based on their length or eloquence. In fact, he rejects prayers and other "holy" actions that are carried out just to bolster human egos, rather than glorify God.

Submission in the Bible: Mark 14:36
On the eve of his betrayal, Jesus prayed to God for rescue from the suffering he was about to endure. In the ultimate act of submission to God's will, Jesus here states his acceptance of God's will, whether or not his prayer is answered the way he personally prefers.

"Ask" in the Bible: Matthew 7:7-12
God is generous with His children, and this passage encourages us not to hold back our requests. When we request something in good faith, God promises to grant it. We can knock on the door with confidence, and need not worry that God will slam the door in our face.

"Prayer and petition" in the Bible: Philippians 4:6
Anxiety can be crushing and can distract us from what we're supposed to be doing. In this passage in Philippians, we are told to present everything to God by prayer and petition, and to do so with thanksgiving so that we can stay focused on what we should be focusing on.

Prayer in the Bible: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
These three short verses lay out an attitude on life we should all strive for. We are to be joyful, to pray always and give thanks. Doing so is part of God's will for our lives.

Unity in the Bible: John 17:20-23
When Jesus himself prays for something, we ought to pay careful attention to what he's asking of God. In this case, Christ prays earnestly for the unity of believers, so that we can provide a solid and unbroken witness to the world around us.

Prayer in the Bible: Ephesians 6:18-20
When is the right time to pray? And what are the right things to pray for? In this short passage in Ephesians chapter 6, Paul urges us to pray "in the Spirit" in every circumstance we find ourselves in. He also tells us to pray for him to be bold in sharing the gospel even though he is in chains.

CQOD—MacDonald: the most perfect faith
George MacDonald shows how God's perfection covers our defects