An Introduction to Prayer

Prayer1Prayer is communicating with God. Simple, right? However, we all know it’s not that simple. The theology is oftentimes confusing, sometimes it feels like there’s no one on the other end and it can even feel boring.

Then why do we do it?

Because prayer is communicating with God.

So then, how should one pray? When should one pray? How does one know they’re reaching God? Does God care about the words or language I use?

Chances are we won’t be solving all of your conundrums about this mystical communion with God during this week, but to begin with we would like to point out a few resources that could start your prayer life or revitalize it:

    This article called Learning to Talk is about developing good prayer habits. It comes from Bible Prayer Fellowship.
    And lastly, if you’ve grown up in a protestant church chances are you haven’t heard too much about contemplative prayer. Here’s a series of articles that talk about Contemplative Prayer from Christian Answers for a New Age.

Join us through the end of the week as we explore prayer in the Christian life.

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