How do you pray effectively? More on the basics of prayer

Yesterday we pointed out several good articles about prayer. Here’s a few more worth checking out—the first two items are especially useful if you’re new to the idea of communicating with God, or if you need a refresher course on prayer:

  • Still not sure if you grasp the whole “talking to God” thing? Faith Facts has a helpful overview of what the Bible teaches about prayer; it goes through all the basics. (It’s part of their Christian Cram Course, which provides useful summaries of all the major points of Christian belief.)
  • How do you pray effectively? Is there a special method of prayer that will get God’s attention?
  • Prayer can be frustrating—ask anyone who’s prayed for something that didn’t work out, or who failed to pray for something they should’ve. Preston Gillham talks about why prayer is so important, even when it’s not always clear that it’s beneficial.

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