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The Prayerful Disciple
I think we've all had questions about prayer: when should I do it, what's appropriate, what...

An Introduction to Prayer
Prayer is communicating with God. Simple, right? However, we all know it's not that simple....

How do you pray effectively? More on the basics of prayer
Yesterday we pointed out several good articles about prayer. Here's a few more worth checking...

Looking for Someone to Pray For?
One cool thing about the community is the chance to pray for one another. Whether...

Do you pray for your family?
Most Christians understand the importance of prayer. We pray for big issues like world peace and...

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Pray for leaders - a Christian perspective
We are to pray for those in positions of authority, great or small. Elsewhere in the Bible, it's made clear that leaders have an additional burden of responsibility, and we are to support them through prayer, not work against them and make their job harder.

Estonian A Temple Leader Visits Jesus
Estonian: Jesus drives the moneychangers out of the Temple which is a house of prayer. Jesus tells Nicodemus he must be born again. Nicodemus asks how an old man can be born a second time. Jesus says that the spirit must be born from above. This happens when a person believes in Jesus.

Lord's Prayer in the Bible: Matthew 6:9-13
When asked to demonstrate how we should pray, Jesus prayed what has been called the Lord's Prayer. It's a simple prayer that expresses gratitude to God for His blessings and asks for His protection as we go through our day.

Answers in the Bible - a Christian perspective
A simple but powerful psalm praising God for the fact that whenever we cry out to Him with a question or concern, He answers us.

God hears us - a Christian perspective
One of the most amazing promises in the entire Bible is the assurance that God hears us when we call out to Him. He will never turn a deaf ear to somebody who earnestly prays to Him.

Pray for those who mistreat you - a Christian perspective
Jesus' message of grace and submission often challenges what we would normally consider the proper way to respond. Here, he tells us that when we're mistreated or insulted, we shouldn't respond in kind, but should instead treat our enemies with grace, even praying for them!

Prayer and fasting - a Christian perspective
Prayer and fasting were both integral parts of the early Christian church. Paul and the other early Christian evangelists encouraged these practices wherever they went, especially so when it came to ordaining elders.

Room - a Christian perspective
This verse tells us to pray privately, in a closed room where we'll neither be distracted nor tempted to seek the approval of others. It's important to God that we perform spiritual acts like prayer our of an earnest desire to grow closer to God, not to impress other people.

Answered prayer in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Ezra writes that the Israelites fasted and petitioned God for a safe journey. He says that God answered their prayer.

Fuel for Your Fire - #3133
Making your Father-time the anchor of your daily schedule will not only fuel your fire for the Lord, but also for the lost people He died to rescue. And you'll feel again the excitement of joining Him in His eternal rescue mission.