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The Prayerful Disciple
I think we've all had questions about prayer: when should I do it, what's appropriate, what...

An Introduction to Prayer
Prayer is communicating with God. Simple, right? However, we all know it's not that simple....

How do you pray effectively? More on the basics of prayer
Yesterday we pointed out several good articles about prayer. Here's a few more worth checking...

Looking for Someone to Pray For?
One cool thing about the community is the chance to pray for one another. Whether...

Do you pray for your family?
Most Christians understand the importance of prayer. We pray for big issues like world peace and...

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True Woman Blog: Prayers that Birth Revival
What are you asking/believing God for? According to Pastor Tom Elliff, this says more about you than almost anything else.

True Woman Blog: Pray with your eyes open
I want to share one of the prayers that I prayed from time to time when I sensed that something was amiss in my child’s life.

True Woman | True Woman Videos: A mom's impact through prayer
According to Fern Nichols, prayer is the most important thing you can do. She shares about the impact her mom’s prayers had on her as a little girl, and then also talks about when God keeps us in the “waiting room.”

True Woman Blog: Ready to do battle?
As we quickly approach the first True Woman ‘10 Conference, we are well aware that this is an endeavor of gigantic spiritual proportion, and as such we are calling on all prayer warriors to partner with us as we intercede for the details of the True Woman ‘10 Conferences.

True Woman Blog: A Time for Feasting or Fasting?
Last week, one month after the devastating earthquake, Haitian President Rene Preval took the unprecedented step of canceling this year’s Carnival celebration, calling instead for a national season of fasting and prayer.

True Woman blog: 24/7 Warriors
I was so encouraged by those of you who responded last week to let me know that you are joining with us in prayer. Are you eady to go shoulder-to-shoulder in prayer-battle with us with this week's requests?

True Woman Blog: Tugging on the Almighty
I am asking Jesus to do more than we can imagine in Chattanooga. Will you join me in tugging on the hem of the Almighty in prayer?

True Woman Blog: Carrie on "Voices": Why is prayer so hard?
If we’re honest, prayer is a struggle at times.

True Woman Blog: Laying It All Out
When the vicious threats reach the King Hezekiah's ear, he knows just what to do. He goes to prayer. In childlike trust this mighty king takes the enemy’s pompous letter and literally spreads it out before God.

Revive Our Hearts: When Women Pray, with Evelyn Christenson
What are your children learning about prayer from you? Do they see you leaning on God? Do they observe Him answering? Explore these questions with Evelyn Christenson. She’ll talk with Nancy about the way prayer can change you, your family, your church, and the world.