Celebrating a God of Abundance and Joy

Last weekend, my extended family gathered to celebrate my grandmother’s 93rd birthday. It was an epic occasion—dozens of people (ranging in age from 3 months to 93 years) talked and laughed while helping themselves to vast quantities of food (including, of course, birthday cake).

It was an experience that transcended the label “birthday party;” watching all the adults laughing, children playing, and pets begging for food, I felt the joy of true Christian fellowship. We were gathered not just to applaud my grandmother for her long and virtuous life, but to celebrate the blessings that God has poured out on my grandmother and her family. A sense of true peace and happiness was present; not because everybody at the party was free of challenges in their lives, but because God’s goodness was evident and demanded a joyful response.

This came to mind as I read a post at the Journey with Jesus blog about the beauty of Christian celebration. The post reminds us that weddings, feasts, and (for lack of a better word) parties are prominent throughout the Bible. They’re a way for God’s followers to celebrate His goodness, and they also serve as living metaphors for the Kingdom of God. At the wedding in Cana, Jesus revealed a God of celebration, abundance, and joy.

Are celebration and joy things that you associate with your Christian faith? For many of us, the Christian walk can easily acquire a somber, sober cast, as we struggle against sin and guard against temptation. But if our faith leaves no room for the happy, open celebration of God’s grace, we’re missing out on something important.

Does your church or community ever take time to simply celebrate?

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One Response to “Celebrating a God of Abundance and Joy”

  • Sheila Ewing says:

    I would like to respond tr you that our church does certainly take time to celebrate God’s goodness to His people.

    Last night we attended a dinner that was given for the purpose of honoring the people that are in lay ministry. During this special event we enjoyed wonderful food, entertainment, and fellowship in a beautiful ballroom that the staff rented. Towards the end of the evening, specific people received awards for their acts of service that were over and above the normal call of duty.

    Now I am positive that the true reward for serving the Lord in any form of ministry, will come when we get to heaven and are allowed to witness the people that have made it to heaven because of our influence. Nevertheless, it is also a very blessed and festive time to be recognized for a year spent doing something we love so well as serving Jesus.

    I know in Haiti and certain other parts of the world there is much devastation and sorrow. That is why I feel truly blessed (even though some would say I am poor), to have become so immensely rich during this amazing journey of serving Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Praise His Name forever and ever! Amen.