Is it Easier to Give or Receive Love?

This question was posed to a small group that I participated in last night. We never came to a consensus, but it generated a lively discussion.

Personally, it’s far harder for me to receive love—from both God and other people—than it is to give it. Giving has always come naturally to me; but when love is proffered to me, two thoughts spring to mind: there’s a catch and I don’t deserve this.

What about you? Is it easier for you to receive love or to give it?

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13 Responses to “Is it Easier to Give or Receive Love?”

  • Maria Lovella Caridad says:

    I always pray to God to give me abundant love, that every person I met, I speak with, I hold hand will feel it most especially the people who most needed it.
    And true enough, God gave it to me, and people feel it.
    As for my need for love, I know that His love is sufficient ( and more than enough) for me, however, I still pray that He gives me the man who will see the true beauty in me, who will accept my love, and give his love in return.

    • Sylvia says:

      I truly understand what you are saying. Thank God for the beutiful love He has given me. Honey you keep praying and trusting in the love of God and his son Jesus Christ. You will meet or, should I say He will find you. God is able. I love you! Be blessed.

  • Lisa says:

    It is easier for me to give love than to recieve it. so many people in this world give hate (for no reason) instead of love. except for god, who gives me love on daily bases more than the whole world could!!! Glory to God…

  • dwight says:

    I think its easier to receive love because a lot of times we say we love but a lot of us don’t know how to really love. I feel love is like life its a learnig process, I do a lot of praying and meditating and like life its a learning process. Its just chances that we all take.

  • Lorraine says:

    In my case, it is easier to give love.It makes me feel comfortable and there’s a sense of fulfilment and sucess whenever I give love. On the other hand, receiving love is quite fine but sometimes there’s fear and doubt.

  • Michael says:

    Love is giving without expecting something in easy is it without GOD?’His strength is made perfect in our weakness’.he gave His life up for us and requires nothing but that we love our neighbours unconditionally.It’s easy!

  • Sereana says:

    In my experience, I need love (receive) in order to confirm my faith and I always love to give it away (giving) as a manifestation of the fullness of God’s love to me. So I love to receive and also giving out love.

    I love the prayer that Paul prayed in Ephesians 3:14-21, and when I start to pray this same prayer, I begin to realize that God fills me with soo much love to give and enough to receive at the same time. Have a nice day.

  • Ezinne says:

    It’s easier for me to give love to people I know and don’t know. It’s hard for me to receive love from people I don’t know well enough and sometimes even from people I’m close to. I guess that it has to do with presevation of my “pride”/the way I’m seen. I don’t want to be looked down on or pitied’ I guess. It can be so hard atimes being a Human Being!

  • Larry says:

    I am constantly receiving and giving.If the light is on(God with me), I may be aware of it. The gift is the light, the practice is to keep it on. I am constantly breathing in and breathing out. Where does this come from? Jesus is the best example – He received all our sin and shame and gave us the Light of God. We all would give and receive more if we make the effort to act like Jesus. He says it is easy. Matthew 11:30. Is it?

  • eliza says:

    It’s easier for me to give love because through faith I know Jesus loves me uncondicionally and i go to Him when i feel my love tank is going on empty. I have no control over anyone else’s feelings towards me but the only thing i can do is show through my actions what true love can be. But when someone does love you it feels wasome! :)

  • Leo says:

    It is easier to give than to receive. Why wait for someone who will give you something that you yourself have and can easily give. what if nobody wants to give then everyone who wait will not receive. Therefore it’s so much easier to give than to receive especially for those who already received God loved. Be Blessed!

  • Segun Peters says:

    With the Holy Spirit in me, I have been able to give love in bounty to my friends and enemies alike. The command of our Lord is not to only love those that loves us. From the beginning of creation, man has been receiving the fullness of God’s love.

  • ashley jones says:

    it is hard to recieve love something because if my past. it hard to believe that someone love me or just saying it… but i can change that and i will… and giving love i just dont show it but i do love… i feel if i show it no one will care but i guess the only person that needs to care is god…