Should Christians Take Vacations?

I ran across this question on the GotQuestions Blog and thought it was worth asking here. We know that we should take a Sabbath day each week, but what about extended vacations?

What do you think, should Christians take vacations?

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11 Responses to “Should Christians Take Vacations?”

  • paul drew says:

    i think christian should take a vacation so they can relax take a brake so from hex day a refresh ur mind @thought so u can do the work of christ so u don’t burn yourself out get tired and think clearly for chirst

  • Jaye says:

    Wow, what a question! Thinking about God who is 24/7 able and available,
    and we, belonging to Him would take a vacation, and then thinking about
    satan ( yea, I want to spell him in small letters)roaring 24/7, then
    how can we take a vacation? That even when we sleep, he still try to
    get in.
    I believe when we’re serious with God, then we work with Him 24/7 which
    doesn’t mean we will be on the street preaching/evangelizing, but we stand
    for God and proclaim He is God, the Almighty One, who has the unlimited
    power that overthrows the dreamer (satan, yes, I wanna call him dreamer, because he dreams to take over) he is God and always be God, no matter what no matter when. And that we will stand with no fear against this dreamer and tell him, that.. the One who is in us is greater than him.

    (sorry I can’t stop talking.)

  • I can’t imagine why a Christian would question whether or not to take a vacation based solely on biblical truths. Christianity is not restrictive, frankly just the opposite. The question should be will the vacation exceed my budget; have I planned an extended vacation that will take away from my obligations; have I included God in my vacation; have I made provisions for worship while on vacation, etc?

    If we are to maintain a balance in life it includes fun time or vacation time. The body, soul and spirit need it for rejuvenation. Abuse is where we need to focus!

  • Many people in bible history took vacations and retreats. But keep in mind, they should have a measure of planning, having the goal to draw nearer to God. If your goal in your vacation is to disappear and vege. then you draw the risk of stumbling into sin. Like David and his affair with Bathsheba the mother of Solomon.

  • Michele says:


    First time to visit this page and this topic interests me. I recently went on vacation to South Africa and while trying to enjoy myself, I couldnt help but wonder if that was God’s will for me… I felt I had earned it after working hard all year.. but I thought maybe the money would have gone to more worthy causes… At the end of the day I decided to pray about it, and ask God to help me relax and find Him during my vacation (spot the halo above my head!)

    Would love to hear from others!

  • Kenneth Banner says:

    Never take a vacation from God you can worship on the sabbath anywhere.

  • Edgar B. Land says:

    Jesus did. Just think about it. It’s needed to destress from work but, if you can find a church to visit while you are on vacation that would be better.

  • It depends on what is meant by vacation! A christian should NEVER take a vacation from our christian values and commitment to Christ.But we all need a break from our daily routine of work. Also it is good to see some of God’s creation around the world and meet people of other cultures. They too are God’s creation.I can give an appreciation for God,s work. But we should never go beyond our finacial means.
    Sometimes we simply need to take time off to rest.
    Yours in Christ, Elgie

  • Ezinne says:

    Yes they should for they are human beings too!!!

  • Rob says:

    Should Christians take vacations? Absolutely! Should those vacations include time spent away from worship? NEVER!! Believers are called to engage actively in the Body, see Hebrews 10:25. Vacations are meant to refresh and renew, so when taking a vacation, the time ought to be used to bring a fresh spirit and renewed sense of mission.

  • Yes, christians should take vacations away from work, but not GOD.