Today’s Devotional: Loving Your Neighbor As Yourself

Today’s devotional comes from Our Daily Bread and is based on the story of the Good Samaritan. In the devotional, the author recounts a story of how he reacted with total and urgent love for himself after a nasty cut:

It would have been simpler just to buy a new hair dryer. But determined to save a buck, I decided to fix it myself. In order to loosen the screw that was buried deep in the handle, I took out the ultimate handyman’s helper—my pocket knife. As I put pressure on the knife to turn the screw, the blade folded back—on my finger.

I learned a lesson that day: I love myself. And I am urgent about meeting my needs. There was no thought of, “Well, I don’t really have time to stop the bleeding now. I’ll get to it later.” Also, there was a tenderness about how the need was met. I instructed my first-aid team (my wife and kids) to wash my finger gently and then to put the bandage on in a way that would avoid having the hairs on my finger pulled up when it was removed. My thoughts, words, and actions were driven by my love for myself.

Read the whole devotional at Our Daily Bread.

How do you share the love you have for yourself with others? How do you practically love your neighbor as yourself?

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