Getting to know your neighbors

Over at The Gospel Coalition, Ben Stevens has written a thoroughly practical guide on getting to know your neighbors. His point—and it’s a good one—is that you must get to know your neighbors before you can love them as Jesus has called us to do:

You cannot love your neighbor if you do not know that neighbor. Time spent with neighbors that does not result in conversions, does not result in spiritual conversation, or does not result in any greater appreciation of the work of Christ, is not a net loss. Let us be resolved to undertake this kind of work confident that it is a legitimate end unto itself, that our culture deserves our attention, and that God will call us to account for the time spent serving neighbors.


I would like to make a radical suggestion. The suggestion is not that knowing the neighbors should be important to Christians. The radical thesis I would like to present is: actually get it on your calendar for next month, and make that a habit.

Head over to the Gospel Coalition to read the rest of the post, including six steps to take to make the gathering successful.

How have you successfully reached out to your neighbors? Is there anything from Ben’s post that you’d like to try?

2 Responses to “Getting to know your neighbors”

  • pako? says:

    sweet…luke 10:25-37 liz!

  • Hi,
    I knew that God had a purpose when I moved into my new neighbourhood. The first thing I did was I had a farewell party with my old neigbours. They helped me move into my new house. I then called my new neighbours and though it took me time to know everybody, but everybody knew me. They make me and my family feel so secure and wanted. We have time to share thoughts, food, and I get an opportunity to testify the wonders of God’s work in my life. “Love thy neighour” has now become more of delight than just a commandment.