Meditating on Scripture

The pastor at my church has been carving out a few minutes at the end of his sermons for the past few weeks in order to walk us through meditating on a specific parable from the Bible. He slowly reads and rereads the passage out loud and walks us through a process of deeply reflecting on the individual components of the story. It’s a new practice for much of the congregation, and one that many are finding extremely spiritually enriching.

Have you ever purposefully meditated on a part of scripture? If so, what verses or passages have you found to be good for meditation?

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6 Responses to “Meditating on Scripture”

  • Romans 8:28-30 really affects me each time I read it. Every small segment is a declaration of who we are (who I am) in Christ. Its says that He knew me, He made me part of his family and “predestined” me to become like Him, He chose me, He called me, He justified me, He glorified me. Did I deserve it? No. I was like a dirty abandoned street child: abused, neglected, tossed out, forced to fend for myself through manipulation, theft and any other means necessary for me to get what I wanted or needed. But he chose me, called me, adopted me, made me His sibling, gave me a purpose, and then gave me honor. All very undeserved, but this is who God is.

  • richard huesgen says:

    john 17:20

  • richard huesgen says:

    do it

  • Ernie says:

    I am a member of a catholic Christian community. We conduct a Action group meeting twice a month & here we do bible sharing. We choose a parable or any passages in the Bible & reflect on the wirds or verses that touch us. And we share our life experiences based from the word with the promting of the Holy Spirit. We call this bibke sharing seven- step method. Praise God in hus Glory.

  • Janet Cardin says:

    Yes, I have been meditating on the passage at the last supper on the bread-body and wine/bread. I have reached a conclusion and this conclusion makes sense, at least to me. It is so exciting to have a greater understanding of the scripture. I can’t wait until I can talk to Jesus about this interpretation!

  • MLS says:

    Very well said Valerie…Thanks for the words that help me lift my head today!