Is environmentalism based on pantheism?
Do you ever find it hard to care for the environment because of who else cares about it? Unfortunately, environmentalism is often packaged alongside New Age and other pantheistic belief systems. But that's not the way it needs to be.

Christianity in the age of narcissism
If narcissism has come to define our personal lives and social relationships, it’s impossible that it wouldn’t also have an effect on our spiritual lives. Charles Spurgeon sharply described the danger of letting your Christian faith get pulled into orbit around your own ego.

10 ways the internet is changing evangelism and missions
John Edmiston lists 10 ways the internet is changing evangelism and missions.

The corrosive power of anger
Few Bible stories are as well-known as that of Cain and Abel. But this devotional offers us a new take on the age-old story of the first murder.

Acquired Taste
Have you ever acquired a taste for something you now can’t imagine living without? When you’re teaching yourself to appreciate a certain food or drink you have to commit to the process. This devotional describes the process of growing in the Lord as a similar experience.

When church leaders trip up: Liberty and the Ergun Caner situation
When a Christian leader makes mistakes, how are we to approach the situation? The Ergun Caner controversy raises some questions about how we handle "pulpit sins"... and about the "celebrity culture" within the church.

Faithfully Waiting
Sometimes we find ourselves in over our heads. Our natural inclination is to try to dig ourselves out, but sometimes we find that there’s no right way to do so. We can keep trying to dig ourselves out... or we can wait patiently for God to help us.

Does God set your priorities?
Is God the "top priority" in your life? In this devotional, we learn that making God our top priority looks different than you might think. Instead of making God our top priority, we need to make sure that it is God who is setting all of our priorities.

Squeezed Dry
Have you ever been spiritually exhausted? Oswald Chambers writes about "delivering yourself over to exhaustion."

How does your church handle vocal criticism?
It can be extremely hard to respond with love when someone criticizes you, and relying on instincts and feelings in the moment often results in a messy situations. How would your church respond to loud criticism?