I’m not superstitious… am I? A Christian perspective on Friday the 13th
Today is Friday the 13th. Does that make you nervous? Did you glance anxiously over your shoulder on your way in to work this morning? Carefully avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks or walking under ladders? Christians aren't superstitious... are they?


How do you steer clear of burnout?
Burnout—if you’ve not experienced it, chances are you’ve skirted its edges once or twice. It’s a phenomenon alarmingly common in ministry professions. So how to cope with burnout when you feel it crouching at your door?


Daily devotions you can listen to
Some of us find it easier to listen to Bible verses and devotionals read out loud, rather than reading them. If that describes you, here's a list of some great audio devotionals you can listen to each day on your computer or iPod.


How much should we learn about other religions?
One fascinating facet of humanity is how many different religions we have. And for every religion there are people who are sincerely convinced that it’s the truth. How much should Christians learn about other religions?


Can a Portrait Help a Person?
On December 12, photographers across the nation will be taking pictures of people for free as part of the Help Portrait movement. Help Portrait is an attempt to mobilize the amateur, hobbyist and professional photographers of the world to bring some good to those in need. It's a perfect opportunity for Christians to help others with their artistic talents.


How do you respond to the “black sheep” in your family?
This question is a bit different from others we've asked, but I think it’s appropriate with the looming approach of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and those epic family get-togethers that characterize the holidays: how do you deal with the “black sheep” in your family?


Jesus’ voice: as clear today as it was 2000 years ago
Does God really still speak to us today in the twentieth century? That’s the question addressed this devotional, from Woodrow Kroll’s Early in the Morning devotional series. Kroll describes what it must have been like to hear Jesus’ teaching in person—and explains why we can hear his voice just as clearly today.


Prayer as a powerful means of evangelism
This devotional by noted Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias draws on an unusual experience from a visit to a communist country, Ravi shows that powerful witnessing can take place when we simply model for others what prayer and worship look like.


A Christian perspective on Black Friday, holiday sales, and a commercial Christmas
Brace yourselves for Black Friday! In a sign that the holiday season is finally and officially upon us, Wal-Mart, Target, and other major retailers have just released ads for their Black Friday sales—roadmaps for the annual shopping frenzy following Thanksgiving. What's a Christian to do?


This Message Brought To You By the Letter ‘C’!
Do you have any favorite Sesame Street memories? Some ideas about what the church can learn from the popular children's show.