How do you Determine What’s Okay to Watch on Television?
Like all technologies, television can be used for good or for evil. It can broadcast art or profanity or some mix of the two. Whether you adhere to the tv parental guidelines or some other system, we’d like to know: How do you determine what’s okay to watch on television?

How has Seasonal and Swine Flu Affected Your Church?
How has seasonal and swine flu affected your church?

When is it time for a church to call it quits?
Have you experienced a church shutdown, and if so, was it graceful and prayerful… or was it characterized by denial? How do you tell the difference between obstacles that the church can and should work to overcome, and signs that it’s time to close down the church?

What does it mean to misuse God’s name?
How do you understand the command to not take God's name in vain? Is it talking about profanity and swearing? Can you misuse God’s name without saying anything at all?

The Word in Your Native Tongue
Some encouraging numbers from Lausanne World Pulse about the number of languages into which the Bible has been translated around the world.

Is God a matchmaker?
Is God a matchmaker? Has He chosen out one special person for each of us to marry?

Do you expect the Second Coming in your lifetime?
Few topics within the Christian faith have inspired as much speculation and literature as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ—the promised day in which he will return, as was promised thousands of year ago. Do you think it will happen within your lifetime?

Should Christians Read Non-Christian Books?
Despite visual media’s best attempts to kill off reading, people still really like books. Between libraries, online bookstores, Google Books and devices like the Kindle, it’s almost trivial to find any book we could ever want.

Frank Peretti, under-appreciated pioneer of Christian literature?
The novels of Frank Peretti (and other Christian fiction writers) might not be timeless classics for the ages. But did Peretti help Christians grow and mature in their relationship with literature?

Do You Take a Regular Sabbath? - The Blog
On the seventh day of the Creation story, God took a sabbath and rested from His work. Later, keeping a sabbath was included in the ten commandments. Rest is clearly an important activity, but I’d argue that in the Western world we don’t do a great job of emphasizing how important it really is. What about you though? Do you take a regular sabbath?