The Berlin Wall from A Christian Perspective
Do you remember when the wall came down? Did it mean anything to you and your faith?

Revisiting the saving message of Jesus Christ
In this devotional, we're challenged to rethink the simple message of the Gospel.

Should Christians attend non-Christian worship services?
Is it appropriate for Christians to attend worship services for a different religion?

Porn and Shallow Relationships on the Very Small Screen
How have you seen smart device usage affect your relationships? Have you seen positive change come about in any of your relationships because of technologies like the iPhone or Blackberry?

A Christian perspective on Veteran’s Day
Every year in early November, Veteran's Day reminds us of the countless men and women who have served in the military. American soldiers—and their brothers in arms from other countries—have marched, fought, and sometimes died in places all over the globe.

Do all religions lead to the same God?
Do you think that all religions lead to the same God—and if not, how would you answer somebody who asked you why not?

Being obedient… even when it hurts
A devotional from Lifetime Guarantee Ministries challenges us to think about obedience by looking at the story of Naaman. How obedient are you? And exactly what role does obedience play in your relationship with Jesus Christ?

Should Christians support only Christian charities?
Do you give higher (or sole) priority in your giving to evangelistic ministries?

Mental illness and the church
The church still struggles to deal with depression, bipolar disorder, and other instances of mental illness. How can the church help those suffering from mental illness?

How Much Should Christians Care About Sports? - The Blog
With the World Series behind us, basketball getting underway and the NFL approaching midseason, it’s a good time to be a sports fans. It seems like every week there’s a “big game,” and for every “big game” there are millions upon millions of people that watch, cheer and dissect every play and statistic. Americans might not know whether their city has a symphony orchestra, but they know their city’s sports teams. Sports are clearly an inextricable part of our culture, yet, as Christians how invested should we be in the outcomes of those sporting events? How much should Christians care about sports?