Has Social Networking Had a Positive Impact on Your Faith? - The Gospel.com Blog
The day one of my parents’ peers requested to be my friend on facebook I knew that social networking was here to stay. There’s something about connecting with each other that just makes sense, even for people who five years ago would barely take a second glance at a computer. For those that do participate in social networks, I’d like to ask you: has social networking had a positive impact on your faith?


Do Old Testament laws and restrictions still apply to us today?
Do Old Testament rules about things like tattoos and hair length apply to us today, or were they intended only for their original pre-Christian audience? What do you do when you come across a passage that contains some rules that seem timeless and others that seem specific to the culture of Old Testament Israel?


When Do You Pray? - The Gospel.com Blog
Whether it’s in the morning, during lunch or in the evening, most people try to block out some time every day for prayer. What about you, when do you pray?


Exporting the Prosperity Gospel - The Gospel.com Blog
A few days ago, Out of Ur pointed to this video on the prosperity Gospel produced by The Global Conversation, which is a partnership between Christianity Today and the Lausanne Movement. The Global Conversation is a year-long project exploring global Christianity through videos and essays.


How Do You Maintain a Godly Perspective throughout the Day?
Unless you’re living on Mars, every day you’re faced with ideas and philosophies—both subtle and obvious—that are contrary to the Christian worldview. So, how do you maintain a Godly perspective throughout the day?


Avoiding overly apologetic apologetics
Have you learned how to earnestly contend for your faith without either being obnoxious about it, or apologetic about it? How do you respond when challenged to defend a belief that might draw scorn or skepticism?


Filling in the Faith Form on Facebook
If I were to go to your Facebook page, what would I see listed under “Religious Views”? What does your online profile say about what you believe? What does that mean to you?


What’s the difference between church discipline and punishment? - The Gospel.com Blog
Have you ever witnessed, or experienced firsthand, “church discipline” administered by your church community? If the point of church discipline is to correct, not just to punish, what elements must be present in the act of discipline to ensure that it’s not just punitive?


Should We Love Our Pets Like We Love Our Neighbors?
There’s a lot to like about pets. The majority of them are cute, affectionate and cuddly, and all of them are just plain interesting to watch. Walk around a zoo sometime and see how excited children get over the most mundane activities of animals. But even if we might like them a whole lot, should we love them?


Are Tracts an Effective Evangelism Tool?
Are evangelistic tracts an effective way to spread the Gospel message?