Managing Yourself (Part 2)
In this second part, Mark Tittley deals with developing personal vision and gaining self-understanding.

Managing Yourself
Students need more than efficient managers and exciting teachers. They need godly leaders. Mark Tittley points the way.

Avoiding Burnout
A pioneering youth ministry trainer in Slovakia tells what to do when you start feeling overwhelmed with your life and ministry. Learn how to minister effectively for the long haul.

Leading with Power and Love
Danny Jones, pioneer of Reach Out's youth ministry training in Slovakia, counters our tendency to get on a power trip when we become recognized as a leader.

Family: Don't Leave Yours Behind
Family can't be left behind in order to develop a successful ministry. But it's not worth the cost. If you're too busy for your family, you're just too busy. Veteran youth ministry trainer Jim Burns gives some practical advice

Working with Adolescents in the Context of Pluralism
The National Director of the Youth Ministries of Campus Crusade for Christ in Spain helps us understand the impact of Pluralism and its implications for youth ministry.

Your Teens Changing World - Part 2
So today's youth are in trouble. In part 2, Walt Mueller answers the question, "What practically can we do to come alongside students and help them navigate these dangerous cultural waters? Although Mueller writes specifically to parents in this section, some of you can substitute "youth pastor" for

Your Teens Changing World
How have American teens changed from the 50's to the present? What forces and trends currently affect them? Since American media is so globally pervasive, even those in other cultures would profit from this well-researched chapter.

What Do Students Look for in a Church?
Group Magazine recently published the results of a survey of over 10,000 youth who were asked, "If you were choosing a church, how important would the following things be?" The results are thought provoking.

Promote Youth Ministry
A senior pastor challenges Christians: "Youth pastors work on the front lines of all that is cutting-edge in American culture." They should be respected accordingly and set free to do the ministry to which God called them.

“Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”
- 1 Corinthians 13: 6-7
Today's passage is from the New International Version of the Bible
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