The Beginning:
The Beginning! THE BEST PLACE TO START LEARNING ABOUT JESUS IS AT THE BEGINNING. A Bible study that examines the Gospel accounts of Jesus' ancestry, birth, and early public ministry.

Revive My Heart: Catherine Martin
WHO IS BIG ENOUGH TO FILL A HUMAN HEART? Investigate the depths of God, His ways, and His character through study of His Word and prayer.

Pilgrimage of the Heart: Catherine Martin
Because many of the Psalms are prayers, we learn to pray. Because the Psalms are written records, we learn to journal. Because the Psalms are meditations on God's Word, we learn to meditate. Because many of the Psalms were a result of silence before God, we learn to be still and know that He is God.

A Heart That Dances: Catherine Martin
Satisfy Your Desire for Intimacy with God. A close relationship with God is not just a walk; it is a dance of the heart as you keep in step with the Lord. "COME DANCE WITH ME."

Jesus: The Truth: The Navigators (Authored by Ron and Mary Bennett)
An excellent resource for new and growing believers. Focuses on one's fundamental relationship with Jesus.

Jesus: The Way: The Navigators (Authored by Ron and Mary Bennett)
Helps new believers focus on the life and supremacy of Jesus Christ. Jesus—the Author and Finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:1). Solid commitment to Christ.

Jesus: The Life: The Navigators (Authored by Ron and Mary Bennett)
New Bible study series helps new believers focus on the life and supremacy of Jesus Christ. Valuable insights, each easy-to-understand.

Spiritual Journaling: Richard Peace
Recording Your Journey Toward God. Go back and understand the critical elements of your life—the events, relationships, patterns, and experiences that shape you—you will gradually find yourself viewing the future through the lens of conformity to the way of Jesus.

Spiritual Autobiography: Richard Peace
Discovering and Sharing Your Spiritual Story. Writing down the story of how God is working in your life can deepen your relationship with Him. find meaning and to become a creative, contributing human being.

Meditative Prayer: Richard Peace
Entering God's Presence. You'll discover ways of prayer that make use of your mind and imagination, that address your needs as well as strengthen your spirit.