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Earth Day Reflection
Currently, I'm sitting in a lawn chair on my porch with my sleeves rolled up taking in the sounds...

Creation care and the call to ecological stewardship
What does it mean to be stewards of God's creation? It's a hard topic to discuss these days. The...

Christianity and the "evolution question": two perspectives
How should Christians approach the question of Creation and evolution? It's a controversy that's...

Christian perspective on the heavens: the Leonid Meteor Shower
If you needed an excuse to get out of the house early this morning, it doesn't get much better...

Should Christians do their Best to Eat Only Organic Foods?
I took an introductory level cooking class a few days ago at our local university. The course's...

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The importance of creativity and dialogue for effective idea creation
Steven Johnson offers some valuable insights into ‘where good ideas come from’. He highlights the timescale needed, and especially the cross-fertlization of ideas through discussion and networking.

Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) : Christian History Institute
The 28th in Christian History Institute's "In Context" series looks at Francis of Assisi's great hymn on creation.

Is environmentalism based on pantheism?
Do you ever find it hard to care for the environment because of who else cares about it? Unfortunately, environmentalism is often packaged alongside New Age and other pantheistic belief systems. But that's not the way it needs to be.

Reclaiming our role as Creation’s stewards
What is the most Biblical the Christian attitude toward science--and Creation in particular? Have Christians set themselves up as enemies of science, and is that in line with the Bible's teaching?

No Escape On A Dead-end Road - #6000
Actually, no religion gets you to God, including Christianity. Only Jesus can because only Jesus "gave Himself as a ransom" for us. That's ransom as in the price you pay to get someone back, because our sin has an eternal death penalty, actually described by Jesus as involving a place of fire. The price to be paid is death, and that's what you and I deserve for hijacking our lives from God.

Should We Love Our Pets Like We Love Our Neighbors?
There’s a lot to like about pets. The majority of them are cute, affectionate and cuddly, and all of them are just plain interesting to watch. Walk around a zoo sometime and see how excited children get over the most mundane activities of animals. But even if we might like them a whole lot, should we love them?

Should Christians Care about Protecting the Environment?
If we truly believe that one day the earth will pass away and be replaced with a new earth (Revelation 21:1-5), then should we really care about protecting the one we live on now?

Let there be light - a Christian perspective
One of the most famous quotes in the entire Bible--these words were uttered by God upon the creation of the world. Day and night sprang into being at His command.

Decay - a Christian perspective
Paul writes that the creation is currently enslaved to decay. It waits frustrated for the children of God to liberate it.

Handiwork - a Christian perspective
The Bible teaches that nature itself testifies to God's greatness. Look around you at the wonders of the natural world--all of it is God's handiwork.