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First day in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In the creation story, God creates lightness and darkness and relegates them to morning and evening. Through this he creates what we call the first day.

A Brand New You - #5710
It may be that you've missed the imperative Jesus gave us to "repent" when we come to Him. It would be easy to miss; nobody talks much about repenting these days. But it still matters just as much to Jesus. And your failure to really repent may explain your constant spiritual roller coaster, your recurring doubts about whether or not you really belong to Jesus.

Creation groans in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Paul writes that all of creation has been groaning as if it was giving labor awaiting the day that God brings restoration to the earth and adopts all of his children as heirs to his kingdom.

Herb in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The vegetation of the world was given to be food for man. Here, God presents His creation to the newly created Adam and Eve, giving them charge over it and responsibility for it.

God in the Bible: Genesis 1:1
"In the beginning...." What an amazing introduction to the God of the Bible. This brief verse tells us that God was present at the very creation of the universe. Whatever one's beliefs about how Creation occurred, God's guiding hand in it is established in the Bible's very first verse.

Man and wife - a Christian perspective
The institution of marriage finds its roots in the original creation of man and woman, described here. God made the two to complement each other, and work together in a marriage relationship.

For this reason - a Christian perspective
What's the reason behind marriage? According to this passage, the institution of marriage exists because God created men and women to perfectly complement each other.

Day - a Christian perspective
At the very beginning of the Creation week, God organizes time into day and night, establishing the cycle of life of earth.

Ocean - a Christian perspective
All nature proclaims God's glory, from the birds of the sky to the fishes of the ocean. This psalm calls on all of creation to praise God.

Create - a Christian perspective
The Biblical account of the creation of the world. According to the Genesis account, God created the world over the course of a week--everything from the stars and planets to humans and animals.