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Firmament - a Christian perspective
On the second day of Creation, God created the sky--a "firmament" to separate the waters above and below it.

The earth - a Christian perspective
The earth belongs to God--He created it, and He continues to rule over it. Man has been given dominion over the earth, but in the end it belongs to God and nobody else.

Seventh day - a Christian perspective
On the seventh day of "Creation week," God rested from His work. In doing so, He set the pattern for us to follow--a week of work followed by a day of rest and contemplation.

"Image of God" in the Bible: Genesis 1:27
The Genesis creation account states that human beings were made in the image of God. Christians have discussed exactly what this means for centuries, but this fact sets humans apart from animals and the rest of creation.

Adam and Eve - a Christian perspective
The account of Adam and Eve's fall into sin and exile from the Garden of Eden. They were tempted by the serpent, and gave into that temptation.

Be fruitful - a Christian perspective
After creating the world and its inhabitants, God commanded His creations to "be fruitful and multiply"--to expand and fill the earth that He had created for them to live in.

Sabbath in the Bible - a Christian perspective
As a reminder of the seventh day of creation, when God rested from His work, God instituted the Sabbath day as the one day of the week that the Israelites were to keep holy. On the Sabbath, they were to focus on God and abstain from their regular work.

The Biggest Star Of All - #2869
God loves you so much. So much that even though you have defied Him by running your own life, He sent His Son to go to a cross to bear the death penalty for your sin. God doesn't want to lose you. And when Jesus comes knocking on the door of your heart, offering you His love and His forgiveness, it just doesn't make any sense to reject Him or postpone Him.

Creative in the Bible - a Christian perspective
We have no clearer picture of the holiness and wonder of creative pursuits than in this passage. We read of God creating all that we see and setting it to work out under his watchful eye.

Subdue in the Bible - a Christian perspective
God gave Adam and Eve--and their descendents--authority over creation. We are to manage the world responsibly, using it to meet our needs while handling it responsibly.