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"Fearfully and wonderfully made" in the Bible: Psalm 139:14
A human being is an incredible thing: far too complex and intricate to have come into being without the guiding hand of a Creator. Here, the psalmist marvels at the wonder of Creation and the power of the God who fashioned it.

Dominion - a Christian perspective
When God created humans, He placed them in a position of authority--dominion--over the rest of creation. Mankind has a leadership role (and responsibility) in the grand scheme of creation.

Eve in the Bible: Genesis 2:4-25
Eve was created as a companion to Adam, the first man. This is the Genesis account of the creation of man and woman.

Seasons in the Bible: Genesis 1:14-15
When God created the Earth, he established the entire order by which nature would be ruled. Here, he creates the heavenly bodies and establishes the timing of days, nights, and seasons.

Animals in the Bible: Genesis 1:24-25
God created every living thing--plant, animal, and human. This is the account of his creation of wild animals on the sixth day of Creation.

Nature in the Bible: Job 12:7-10
It is a theme throughout the Bible that nature itself testifies to God's glory. Here, Job is challenged to look to nature to see God's power and authority reflected and acknowledged there.

"Created" in the Bible: Colossians 1:15-17
This passage clearly identifies Jesus as God, creator of the world. Jesus isn't "just" the son of God--he is God.

Earth in the Bible: Genesis 1
"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." The Bible begins with this account of God's creation of earth and its inhabitants. Christians debate and discuss the means by which God created the earth, but what this passage makes explicitly clear is that it was God who did it.

Adam in the Bible: Genesis 2:4-25
This is the account of the creation of humankind--Adam, the first man, and Eve, the first woman. This passage is light on details, but we can learn much about our relationship to God and to each other from the way that Adam and Eve are established in the Garden of Eden.

Creation in the Bible: Genesis 1:1-31
Where did we come from? What's the meaning of life? The answers to those questions aren't simple, but they have their roots in the much-debated opening verses of the Bible, which describe God's creation of the world and everything in it. From the very first verse of the Bible, God's role in creation is made clear.