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Today's devotional: Are you afraid of death?
Does being a Christian mean you're immune to fear? It's sometimes assumed that if you believe in...

Today's devotional: What never changes?
Do you ever feel like you can't keep pace with the change going on around you? Consider your life...

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Revive Our Hearts: A Resolve to Believe (Karen Loritts)
After being in ministry for more than 30 years, Karen Loritts had an unexpected crisis of fear. She describes how it affected her spiritually, emotionally, and physically, and how God ultimately used James 4:7–10 to lead her beyond the fear to a stronger faith in Him. Womanhood

Imposter syndrome - feeling you are a child when all around are adults
Did the Russian spies feel this? It is a common stress factor for Christians.

Daily devo: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac...and ME!?!
So how does today's economy and financial scares affect ME as a Christian believer? Should I shake in my boots - or trust the Lord?? Here's a word of encouragement for us all!

Taking Back What the Enemy Stole - #6029
The enemy may have his hand on something or someone right now he has no right to. It's time for you to follow General Jesus into the battle to take back what the enemy has stolen!

The Only Impression That Matters - #5982
There's something very wrong if you're using Jesus to make a name for yourself or to impress other people with you. You are actually hijacking His glory. And there's something wrong if you're not telling people about Jesus because of something about you. It's not who's doing the telling that's the issue; it's who you're telling about - the One who offers the greatest love in the world.

Dwarfing The Bully - #2584
The challenge before Moses was totally intimidating - he felt totally inadequate. Like me facing Boomer. Like you facing the challenge in front of you right now. It may be one of those times when you feel like this is a total mismatch between what you have and what it's going to take. Listen to the five-word answer from God that totally reverses the power equation - "And God said, 'I will be with you." End of discussion.

Perfect love in the Bible: 1 John 4:18
True, perfect love--love that is Christlike--drives out any fear. It's love grounded in faith that God is in control of all things.

"Do not fear" in the Bible: Isaiah 41:10
A message of comfort and encouragement from God Himself: we have nothing to be afraid of while He watches over us.

Don't be afraid - a Christian perspective
We have nothing to truly fear from physical threats and danger--the worst that human can to do to us is kill us. The only thing we should be afraid of is losing our soul to hell--and fortunately, God reaches out to us with a solution to that fear as well.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Dangling in the Dark - #8294 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
It started out as one of the scarier experiences of my wife’s childhood. Her grandfather had dropped his valuable pen into the well in their yard, and there was only one way it could be retrieved: if someone was lowered down there on a rope…someone small…like a little four-year old girl. Soon my wife found herself with a rope tied securely around her, being lowered into the darkness of that well, sort of dangling in the dark. She got the pen and she shed a lot of the fear as she did it. She told me, “I knew I’d be OK because my father was holding the rope.” If you belong to Jesus Christ, so is yours.