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Christian ministries working in Kenya can use your prayers this month—unrest in Kenya...

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Christ commanded Christians to go out into the world and make disciples of all nations. It's an...

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GFA Home - Gospel for Asia
Homepage for Gospel for Asia, a ministry devoted to reaching out to all the peoples of Asia.

10 ways the internet is changing evangelism and missions
John Edmiston lists 10 ways the internet is changing evangelism and missions.

Siesta: Christian Resources for Spanish-speaking persons at Peggie's Place!
Resource links for Spanish-speaking seekers and believers.

The Word in Your Native Tongue
Some encouraging numbers from Lausanne World Pulse about the number of languages into which the Bible has been translated around the world.

The Need To Need What You Know - #3487
Get out on a limb, out of your comfort zone, risking for your Lord, serving your Lord - so you can get beyond yourself, where you will have to reach out desperately for truths that you have known for years. You'll meet Jesus there in a way you can't meet Him anywhere else. You need to need what you know - and following Jesus into the great adventure He's summoning you to will put you right in the middle of all His power!

Life-Saving Teamwork - #3722
God has made each of us who know Him both rescuers and the enablers of rescuers. There are some lost people God has positioned you to help go to Heaven. And He has given you resources to enable some of those He's called to put their whole life into His rescue mission. According to Philippians 4:17 , when you give to keep them on the front lines, their fruit will be "credited to your account" in Heaven.

Lord of the harvest - a Christian perspective
The mission field is described in the Bible as a harvest waiting to happen: people are ready and waiting to be gathered into God's kingdom, and just need somebody to go out and invite them in. Here, God is referred to as the "Lord of the harvest."

Too Many Fans - #5891
Jesus' Great Commission to get out His Gospel can't be delegated to a few spiritual daredevils we call missionaries. The Great Commission is always first person singular! Jesus intends for the cost and the risk of rescuing a dying world to be equally shared by all those who belong to Him!

Devotional : Loving the Lost
As Christians, we understand in our minds that we need to share the Gospel, but do we feel it in our hearts? This devotional looks at the role our emotions play in allowing us to truly understand God's love for the lost and our role in leading them to Christ.

Disciple in the Bible: Matthew 28:18-20
This passage is Jesus' great command to his followers: to go out to the entire world and make new disciples in his name. Also known as the Great Commission, this is Jesus' call to us to evangelize and bring the Gospel to every corner of the world.