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Lausanne World Pulse - Boomers — The New Wave of Volunteer Missionaries
As thousands of new volunteer missionaries rise from the ranks of retiring baby boomers, they are challenging the status quo of missions.

Lausanne World Pulse - Latin America Blessing the World
More than two thousand church and mission leaders from forty Latin American nations met for the third COMIBAM conference.

Lausanne World Pulse - An Overview of Eastern Europe
Although the overwhelming majority of the population in Eastern Europe claim to be Christian, missions to other regions of the world is rare.

Lausanne World Pulse - Servant Leadership for the Glory of Jesus Christ
Before any of us can be leaders, we must first be followers.

Lausanne World Pulse - Preparing the Younger Generation for Missions in the 10/40 Window
Café 1040 prepares students for a life of service in the 10/40 Window.

Lausanne World Pulse - A Focus on Central and South America:
Ninety-nine Least-Reached People Groups Remain: A brief look at Central and South America shows great activity among Roman Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and now, Pentecostals. Read >>

Lausanne World Pulse - Integrating the Gospel with Culture Responsibly
It is imperative to integrate the gospel with culture in a responsible manner and this integration must be done within the context of a community who are mature in their faith and knowledge of scripture.

Lausanne World Pulse - Contextualization in the Islamic Context
Contextualization in ministry to Muslims needs to consider all the barriers to why Muslims have historically been resistant to the gospel.

Lausanne World Pulse- Making Waves Trans World Radio Help Students Create a Splash for God
TWR recently launched a new website sub-portal, aimed at piquing the interest of 20-somethings and encouraging them to take a new look at world missions and their role in it.

Lausanne World Pulse - Evangelisation and Discipleship within God’s Global Mission
If we do not get discipleship right, we probably will have a deficient understanding and practice of evangelisation.