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Lausanne World Pulse - Hope 08: The Transformation of the British Isles
Hope 08 will be a year of activity and outreach designed to transform the British Isles for Jesus Christ.

Lausanne World Pulse - Migrant Workers: The Responsive Wave
An overview of migrant workers in Asia Pacific and the potential for the spread of the gospel among them.

LWP - Reducing Poverty, Not the Poor: Reclaiming Community with the Victims of Oppression
As Christians, we need to move away from the place where our attempts at compassionate ministries degrade poor people; instead, we must embrace poor persons in relationships that affirm their identity and dignity.

Lausanne World Pulse - Perfect Strangers: Christians Among Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims
An in-depth look at Christian contact with non-Christians reveals the Church is found lacking in its efforts to reach the world for Christ.

Lausanne World Pulse - Themed Articles - The Prophetic Role of the Church in Egypt Toward
The Church’s role is to break the silence and talk openly with people to rebuild wrong thoughts about sex and HIV/AIDS. The Evangelical Church in Egypt is seeking to do just this.

Lausanne World Pulse - HIV/AIDS and Holistic Evangelism: The Challenge for the Church
Reaching out to individuals with AIDS requires love and action.

Lausanne World Pulse - Letting the Gospel Thrive on the Inside A Note on Insider Movements
Insider movements allow people who come to faith in Christ to remain in their families, castes and cultures rather than being pulled into something foreign.

Lausanne World Pulse - A Different Form of Mission with Slums: Reflection
Reflections of a Change Agent in Bhopal, India: An effective mission strategy for transforming slums targets three primary levels where change takes place: the slum dwellers, institutional officials and government policymakers.

LWP - New African Enterprise Centre for Urban Mission and Evangelism in South Africa
On Michael Cassidy (the founder of African Enterprise) and the new Centre for Urban Mission and Evangelism in South Africa...

Lausanne World Pulse - Awakening Through Storytelling
How God used oral translation of scripture to transform an entire community.