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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Out of the Salt Shaker - #5303
Christians were never meant to be all clustered together in their spiritual salt shaker, just salting each other and soaking up more blessing and fellowship. The salt has to be in direct contact with the meat or the vegetables that need it, so you and I have to be in meaningful contact with people who really need our Jesus.

Can Christians use the word "Allah"?
Is it correct for a Christian to use the word Allah to refer to God in Arabic?

Lausanne World Pulse - Charity and Justice
How Bono and a lawyer/pastor from Malawi led a call recently for justice and charity.

Lausanne World Pulse - Urban Impact Ministry in New York City
Countless individuals from unreached people groups come to North America each year. One ministry seeks to reach these individuals with the gospel message.

Lausanne World Pulse - China’s Millions Website
Website seeks to raise awareness and serve as an educational tool for those interested in helping to fulfill God's purposes for China

Lausanne World Pulse -Movement for African National Initiatives 06 Uniting African Leaders
African church leaders take the lead in not only missions on the African continent, but global missions as well.

Lausanne World Pulse - It Takes More Than Just Churches
Seven factors, in addition to churches, are needed to reach unreached people groups.

Lausanne World Pulse - Mission Possible in Bulgaria
One ministry in Bulgaria seeks to equip local churches for outreach through media, sports and nationwide initiatives.

Lausanne World Pulse - The Use of Dance and Other Creative Arts in Missions and Evangelism
The Christian Dance Fellowship of Malaysia is using both Christian and secular venues to encourage believers and reach non-believers.

Lausanne World Pulse - Missions: A Humble Journey Toward a New Creation
Using the metaphor of the new creation as a guiding vision for missions.