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Lausanne World Pulse - Seeking Justice and Loving Mercy
Christians for Biblical Equality 2007 Conference: Christians gathered to explore the biblical foundations of gift-based ministry and the biblical and theological basis for gender justice and Christian service.

Lausanne World Pulse - Following Christ in World Evangelization
Eight examples of what it means to follow Christ in world evangelization from Luke 3-6.

Lausanne World Pulse - Churches in Homes: New Efforts in Reaching
Finding new efforts in reaching today’s globalizing/diversifying world. God seems to be preparing the world for a vast new wave of churches that will be simple in organization and effective in teaching and evangelism.

Lausanne World Pulse- Global Christianity Contextual Religious Identity & Local Theologies
How does Christianity interact with other major religious traditions and how does this interaction affect Christian identity? Looking into the Christian communities: Īsā Imandars and Khrist Bhaktas in South Asia and asking the question, are they truly Christian?

Lausanne World Pulse - Themed Articles - The Dilemma of State Church Structures in Europe
European levels of church attendance are deteriorating; therefore, a focus on "church as mission" (not structure) is necessary.

Lausanne World Pulse - What Does It Mean to Be the Church in Specific Cultures?
The Church has a word for the world about our Lord Jesus Christ; however, we must work on making it contextually relevant and culturally comprehensible

Lausanne World Pulse - Being the Church in Different Cultures
Expressions of the Christian faith and how we come together are complex and varied; and yet, by the power of the Holy Spirit we can be a diverse and yet unified global Church.

Lausanne World Pulse Theological Trends in Africa Implications for Missions and Evangelism
An outline of both negative and positive trends in the African Church.

Lausanne World Pulse - Doing Strategy as the Whole Church
Children, women, fragmentation, and glocalization need to be addressed concerning the whole Body of Christ.

Lausanne World Pulse - Introduction: Ministry with the Urban Poor in Nordic Climates
In Nordic cultures all over the Northern Hemisphere there are urban poor living in substandard situations facing harsh climatic conditions.