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Lausanne World Pulse - The Productivity Myth
The truly effective and productive missionary is not the one with the largest organization, but the one whose precious and godly work of love survives into eternity.

Lausanne World Pulse - A Critical Evaluation of the Westernization of the Gospel
De-westernization of the gospel requires time, critical dialogue with nationals, and the illumination of the Holy Spirit.

Imitation in Cross-Cultural Mission: Discussions in an African Context
There is a desperate need for Western missionaries who can be accurately persuaded to be vulnerable enough to imitate African people, so as to acquire something of their presuppositional foundation, and in turn, be able to present the true gospel.

Lausanne World Pulse - Themed Articles - Escaping from the Prison of a Westernized Gospel
Christians in all cultures and nations have an equal right to produce their interpretation of the Christian faith. This implies a need for self-theologizing.

Lausanne World Pulse - Portable Dentistry and Proclamation of the Gospel in One Ministry
These are encouraging times for mission organizations and workers committed to serving the health needs of suffering people. Never before have there been so many opportunities to reach non-believers with pain relief and the caring gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lausanne World Pulse - Finishing the Task Partners Committed to Reaching UUPGs
World renowned mission agencies have challenged local churches to work with them in Finishing the Task (FTT). The strategy targets 639 unengaged, unreached people groups (UUPGs) with populations over 100,000. These people groups represent 535 million people who have no known witness.

Lausanne World Pulse - Research Articles - The Rise (and Fall?) of HIV
An estimated thirty-eight million adults and children are infected with HIV/AIDS today; twenty million have died from the disease so far. By 2050, some 297 million people the equivalent of the entire United States population will have perished. Any plan to reach the unreached must grapple with AIDS.

Lausanne World Pulse - Fire of Hope: The Effects of HIV/AIDS Ministry
HIV/AIDS is a modern-day plague marching nearly unimpeded across the face of the African continent. It threatens peace and stability as it wipes out entire generations, leaving millions of orphans in its wake.

Lausanne World Pulse - HIV/AIDS Home-Based Care in Nairobi
Over one and half million people live in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. That is half the city’s population. More than 300,000 people are crowded together in Karagoche, Nairobi’s worst slum. Families live in extreme poverty and struggle to make a living.

Lausanne World Pulse - A Theology for Uniting Evangelism and Social Ministry
One of the most destructive, yet least understood mindsets affecting evangelical Christianity generally, and evangelical missions in particular, has been Gnostic dualism. By Scott Allen