Today’s Devotional: Spiritual Spring Cleaning

I should have started my spring cleaning last week. There are unfolded blankets on the couch, jackets on the floor and the detritus of half-started projects strewn about my living room. I’ve been waiting for sunnier weather, and now that spring is here, I’m anxious to start the slow, rewarding process of reordering my life.

Spring isn’t just a great time to physically clean our homes; it’s an opportunity to do some spiritual cleaning as well. This devotional from Delve Into Jesus urges us to take stock of our lives and work on the niggling sins that have been wearing us down:

But how are we doing with the little sins? I’m referring to the ones which keep getting put off and pushed down our chore list as we battle for control over the larger and more serious sins. We can procrastinate for a little while, but eventually the combined effect on your spiritual health of these so-called “smaller” sins can cause just as much damage as the larger ones. If we are going to keep our spirits clean and healthy, then maybe it’s time for a little spring cleaning.

Little sins have two big problems – they are hard to identify and easy to justify. Few non-Christians would think twice about committing these sins and would have little remorse afterward. Not many people seem to think it’s a problem to steal supplies from work, cheat on taxes, download illegal software or watch pornography. It’s become old-fashioned to wait for marriage before sharing physical intimacy, and we barely notice anymore when someone tells vulgar jokes or uses our Lord’s name as a curse. […]

Now is the time to compile a list of these behaviors and get honest about what they really are – rebellion against God. Are you surprised to hear such a dramatic description applied to such common, mundane behavior that most people would excuse or condone it? That may be fine for a world which has turned it’s back on God, but that is not acceptable for those who follow Christ. He instructed us to “be perfect” in all things, large and small. If we choose to willfully engage in these behaviors knowing that it is not God’s will for us, what else could we call it but rebellion or defiance?

Read the rest of the devotional at Delve Into Jesus.

Is God convicting you of any sin that you need to work on this spring?

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