Devotional : Loving the Sinner
As Christians, what should our response be when we discover that someone in our congregation has an ongoing problem with sin? Perhaps they're having an affair, or they've been arrested numerous times for drug possession. What is the appropriate course to take? This devotional takes a close look at Jesus' teaching on the subject, and explains what every Christian should do when a fellow believer is struggling with sin.

Devotional : Loving the Lost
As Christians, we understand in our minds that we need to share the Gospel, but do we feel it in our hearts? This devotional looks at the role our emotions play in allowing us to truly understand God's love for the lost and our role in leading them to Christ.

Devotional : One Answer
If we were to die today and meet Jesus at the gates of Heaven, what could we say to convince Him that we should be allowed into paradise? Could we tell Jesus that we prayed to be saved when we were young? Could we tell Jesus that we tried our best to live a good life? What kind of answer would suffice? This devotional looks at what scripture proclaims to be the one and only answer we should be prepared to offer.

Devotional : Spring Cleaning
Keeping our lives free from sin is a bit like keeping our house clean and in good repair. There are chores we must do daily to stay on top of it, but sometimes that is not enough. Sometimes we need to compile a list of all the little things that need to be fixed or cleaned and then perform some much-needed spring cleaning.

Devotional : Asking God For Help, Part 1
I think we sometimes miss the point of petitioning God. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking God for things we need or even things we want. The important thing to keep in mind is that actually getting the thing we're asking for is the least important part of the whole process....

Devotional : Asking God For Help Part 2 - Doing Your Part
There are many ways God can help us during our times of need, but the most common pattern is for God to take what we offer and turn into something greater than we can do on our own.

Devotional : Asking God For Help Part 3 - Worry and Anxiety
In this final devotional in the series, we look at the role anxiety plays in our surrender to God. Whenever we find ourselves worrying about the outcome of conflict or crisis, it's an indication that there is something we have failed to do, or something we need to stop doing.

Devotional : God In the Driver's Seat
It's vital to our relationship with God that we learn to ask for help, relinquish control and surrender to His will in everything we do. This devotional looks at some practical ways we can do this every time we have a decision to make.

Devotionals : Temptation
Too many marriages are failing today and when they do, temptation often plays a significant part. The consequences are enormous. How can we protect ourselves? This devotional examines the nature of these temptations and explores some strategies for dealing with temptation before it happens.

Devotional : Listening To Each Other
How often during a conversation do you find yourself thinking about what you are going to say next, rather than listening to what the other person is really saying? One of the simplest ways we can put love into action is to offer our undivided attention and take our thoughts off ourselves.

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