God's Response To Prayer Requests
It can be difficult sometimes to recognize the ways in which God will answer our prayers. This article examines some of the methods by which God will intervene in our lives, speak to us or help us find the right path.


Could The Gospel Accounts be Accurate?
Could the Gospels be telling the truth? Did the authors have first hand knowledge and were the Gospels written soon enough after the events? This article examines the Gospels' authors and time lines to determine if the Gospels could possibly be an accurate portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ


Why Do Christians Believe The Bible?
Christians believe that the Bible is the Holy Word of God, but what evidence is there that this isn't just a book like any other? Do Christians believe the Bible only because the Bible tells them to? This article will take you through the reasons why the Bible is God's inspired word.


How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?
This is a difficult question for Christians and non-Christians alike. This article will examine hell from a different perspective and explain that hell is a choice we make, not a punishment that God imposes.


Praying For Things I Want - What About God's Will?
What if what we pray for is contrary to God's will? What is the point in asking for anything? There are much deeper reasons why we must express our desires in prayer and this article examines those reasons using Jesus as a role-model.


Faith is often misunderstood by Christians and non-Christians alike. We should choose to place our faith only in that which is trustworthy and reliable. Having faith blindly and without compelling evidence is foolishness, and not what Christianity is all about.


Pascal's Wager
Seventeenth century mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal proposed that worshiping God is the only "safe bet". It may be true, but will God accept us if we are coming to Him just to play the odds? This article examines the details and implications of Pascal's famous wager.


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