Is the Bible Infallible? Is it all Literal?
Is the Bible infallible? Does it contain any mistakes? Does that mean we have to take everything in it literally? This article examines all these questions using some key examples from the scripture.

How Can Christians Say Other Religions Are Wrong?
Christians say that Jesus is the only way, and this sounds intolerant because society has an idea that religion is subjective, without any right and wrong. This article looks at the resurrection and Jesus' own claims that He is the "only way", and explains why it's not possible to compromise.

Are Demons Real?
Do demons really exist, or are they mythical creatures? To find the answer, this article will explore what the Bible tells us about them and how modern Christians should respond.

Origins of Life
How did life begin on this planet? Modern science is full of guesses but in reality, no plausible or reasonable explanation has been proposed which does not put God at the center. This article takes a look at some of the recent scientific discoveries and the dilemma these present for the naturalist.

Are The Gospels We Have Close To the Originals?
How can we be sure that the Bible has been faithfully copied over the last 2,000 years? Do we even know what the authors originally wrote? The article describes the ancient manuscripts which have survived in order to determine if we can trust the New Testament we have today.

Did Jesus Claim to be the Son of God?
Some people claim that Jesus never saw himself as the son of God and that it was only after his death that His followers made this claim. This article looks at the evidence in the Gospel accounts - how did Jesus really see himself?

How Can A Good God Permit Evil in the World?
This article seeks to answer one of the most common and troubling questions people have about God. If He is good and all-powerful, why does He permit pain and evil in the world?

Were the Gospel Accounts Just Myths or Fables?
It is sometimes said by non-Christians that the four Gospels are nothing more than a myth or a fable. This article takes a close look at the author's intentions. What did the authors say about their own work, and what clues can we gain from looking at their work, as well as their personal lives?

Evidence for Jesus Outside the Bible
This article examines the evidence for Jesus Christ which exists in ancient Jewish and Roman historical texts.

Did Jesus Christ Really Rise from the Dead?
All of Christianity rests on the miracle of the resurrection. This article examines why this event is unique among modern religions and why that makes the testimony of the apostles so important.

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