Devotional : What Are You Afraid Of?
If we will be honest, there is something which each of us fears losing so much that it strains the limits of our faith to contemplate trusting it to God. How can we learn to let go and trust God completely?

Devotional : You Never Thoroughly Intended It
If we consider Christianity to be a life-long journey, then surely the destination is a perfect and complete union with Christ. If we stop to take a look at the things which prevent us from reaching that goal, it will appear that there are hundreds of little things on the journey which block our way

Devotionals : Pray Without Ceasing
We cannot pray every second of every day, but it is possible to love Jesus Christ so much that we carry Him with us wherever we go.

Prayer is one of the most important elements of Christianity. Speaking with God and seeking his response is the way we can keep the closeness in our relationship. This series of articles takes an intimate look at prayer and delves into some of the deeper issues.

Dealing With Difficult Trials
How can we cope with loss, tragedy or difficult circumstances? Why does life have to be so hard, anyway? Through this series of articles, we will search God's word for answers to "How To Master Your Circumstances, Before They Master You".

Devotional : Human God
We have no trouble remembering that Jesus was God, but we minimize and overlook the fact that He was also fully human. Jesus was not just God in a human mask, nor was He merely a spirit indwelling a human body. Jesus Christ was fully human.

Why Did Jesus Have To Die?
Why was it necessary for Jesus to die? Why did God not simply take our sin away? This article explains why it was necessary for Jesus to be sacrificed on the cross.

Evolution And Christianity
With the creation story in Genesis on the one hand and the scientific community on the other, what are Christians to do? Should we turn our back on the Bible? Turn our backs on science? This article explains why you don't need to do either.

If God Exists, Why Doesn't He Just Reveal Himself?
Many people feel that God should just reveal Himself plainly. But is it really that simple? This article explores the evidence we have for God and examines what would happen if God really did appear to each of us personally.,-Why-Doesnt-He-Just-Reveal-Himself....

There is So Much Brutality in the Old Testament!
Jesus comes with a message of love, mercy and peace, while God in the Old Testament demands the destruction of his enemies, destroys cities and floods the earth. Is this even the same God? This article take a close look at these issues; the contrast is not as drastic as it seems.!....

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